Готовимся к тестированию. Двушки Destination B2

Если новинка тестов централизованного тестирования, блок B21-22, кажется вам очень простым, то присмотритесь к аналогичным заданиям на основе Destination B2. Как сообщалось ранее, в задания ЦТ планируется вернуть задания 5 уровня сложности.

Упражнения аналогичные B21-22 ЦТ 2023 года

My income’s rather variable, but I earn £73 a day on ___.
Prices have risen by an ___ of 4% over the past year.
In ___, I would like to thank our guest speaker.
At first I thought he was a bit shy, but I’ve come to the ___ that he’s simply unfriendly!
He made no ___ to be sociable.
They closed the road in an ___ to reduce traffic in the city.
They are making preliminary ___ using mice.
Their ___ with solar heating were a great success.
It didn’t rain at all. In ___, the weather was perfect.
We’re going to London tomorrow, as a matter of ___.
Have you read the ___ to the third edition?
My next guest needs no ___.
She sat down and read the book straight through from ___ to end.
I enjoyed my job in the ___ , but I’m bored with it now.
The police are still trying to establish the ___ of the fire.
I wouldn’t tell you without ___ .
He spent the first eight years doing scientific ___.
They had published a ___ paper on the long-term effects of smoking.
Bill’s untidiness drives me ___.
He’s the first real boyfriend she’s had and she’s ___ about him.
We’ve got a ___ of going to Paris in the summer.
There’s a slim ___ I might have to go to Manchester next week.
Each of us collects the mail in ___.
We take ___ to answer the phone.
At the ___ of the violence/crisis we were left without any help.
We are flying at a ___ of 9 000 metres.
Leave the ironing for the ___ being — I’ll do it later.
___ passes so quickly when you’re enjoying yourself.
«This jar is impossible to open.» «Here, let me have a ___.»
Georgina passed her driving test on her first ___.
He takes ___ in everyday tasks.
To my immense ___, they accepted my painting for the exhibition.
Her ___ for music showed at an early age.
Creativity, ingenuity and flair are the songwriter’s real ___.
It doesn’t matter if you fail, just do your ___.
To the ___ of my knowledge, the chemicals which were found are not dangerous.
He was going in the ___ of the bedroom.
We felt the plane bank steeply as it changed ___
Turn ___ at the traffic lights, and you’ll see the hospital straight ahead.
He lost all feeling on his ___-hand side.
It’s getting late — we should make our ___ home soon.
I popped into the grocer’s on the ___ home from work to get some cheese.
We went on a guided ___ the cathedral.
The President planned to ___ US military bases yesterday.
You two go ___ — Sam and I’ll bring up the rear.
Sophie is way ___ of the other children in her class
He managed to put on a sudden burst of ___ to win the race.
You know you’re going over the ___ limit on this road.
She’s away on a business ___ and won’t be back until next week.
Do you want to go on the school ___ to France this year?
I’m trying to plan the best ___ to avoid the traffic.
We decided to take the quicker ___ along the motorway.
Patricia is on ___ next week.
My parents are taking a ___ in Spain this year.
«What’s the capital of Mauritania?» «I couldn’t tell you off the top of my ___, but I could go and look it up.»
He fell ___ over heels for some girl he met at school.
She’s the youngest player ever to ___ to a semi-final.
Most holiday companies request a 20% deposit in ___.
Josh had an ___ and spilled water all over his work.
I found her letter by ___ as I was looking through my files.

Ответы к упражнению

1.average 2.conclusion 3.attempt 4.experiments 5.fact 6.introduction 7.beginning 8.cause 9.research 10.mad 11.chance 12.turn 13.height 14.time 15.go 16.pleasure 17.talent 18.best 19.direction 20.left/right 21.way 22.tour 23.ahead 24.speed 25.trip 26.route 27.holiday 28.head 29.advance 30.accident

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