Готовимся к тестированию. Фразовые глаголы Destination B1

Фразовые глаголы никогда не были значимой частью ЦТ и ЦЭ по английскому языку, но для заданий 5 уровня сложности эта тема подходит идеально.

Задания на фразовые глаголы из Destination B1

1.You had better (continue) as if nothing’s happened.
2.Dad dislikes (eating at a restaurant), both because of the cost and the quality of food on offer.
3.He (stopped) smoking on the advice of his doctor.
4.We only need one more player for this game — can you get your brother to (participate)?
5.One of the players was (made to leave a game) for kicking another player.
6.Bill would (increase the volume of) the radio in the other room.
7.I thought I’d (start) collecting stamps.
8.The CD player was (lowered).
9.Mark just (continued) playing on his mobile phone.
10.Please (lower the temperature of) the heater.
11.The door was locked and we couldn’t (enter) the room.
12.We’ll try and (leave a house) straight after breakfast.
13.I think we need to (leave) and think about this once more.
14.Do you think you’ll ever (return) to Edinburgh?
15.When you (leave) on holiday, you need to take extra health precautions.
16.They (started a journey) on their mountain crossing two days ago.
17.I (entered) the car and started our trip.
18.The plane (left the ground) at 6.30 p.m.
19.When do you (return) to university?
20.We eventually (left the ground) at 14 o’clock and arrived in Oslo at 3.30.
21.Just (draw a line through) the incorrect information.
22.Many people have to (find) the meaning of this set phrase in the dictionary.
23.She (told me) a few problems with the contract that I hadn’t noticed.
24.I (said out loud) the things on the list.
25.If we wrote I think he would (tear into pieces) the document.
26.She began (removing with a rubber) the pencilled marks in the essay.
27.Liz took the blue envelope and (turned it so the other side is towards her) curiously.
28.She took every photograph of me that was in our room and (tore it into pieces).
29.On the morning before starting the first, (write) your starting weight.
30.He (drew a line through) `fellow subjects’, and instead wrote `fellow citizens’.
31.Let’s (find the total of) all of the money we saved.
32.Alberg (removed) the portrait from the wall.
33.I went to the library and (returned) your books.
34.I can’t buy a car because I am (saving money) for college.
35.If I buy something and he doesn’t like it I’ll (return) it.
36.We’ve just (returned) from Amsterdam.
37.He said that he’ll (return the money) tomorrow.
38.Franklin told Howe to (do more quickly) and take his bath; otherwise, they’d miss their train.
39.We have six copies of the book to (give them free of charge).
40.She wished George would (do more quickly) with his cup of tea.

Ответы на на упражнения

1.carry on 2.eating out 3.gave up 4.join in 5.sent off 6.turn up 7.take up 8.turned down 9.carried on 10.turn down 11.get/come in 12.get out 13.go away 14.go back 15.go away 16.set off 17.got into 18.took off 19.go back 20.took off 21.cross out 22.look up 23.pointed out 24.read out 25.rip up 26.rubbing out 27.turned it over 28.ripped up 29.write down 30.crossed out 31.add up 32.took down 33.took back 34.saving up 35.take back 36.come mack 37.pay back 38.hurry up 39.give away 40.hurry up

Дополнительные материалы из учебника Destination B1 для подготовки к ЦТ и ЦЭ по английскому языку: тематическая лексика, предлоги, словообразование.