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Фразовые глаголы из Use of English Harrison

break down = stop working — machines / сломаться
break in/into = enter a building by force to steal / вломиться
break out = start happening — violence or disease / начаться (о чем-то проблемном)
break up = end a relationship, (also split up) / расстаться
fall apart = break into pieces / развалиться на куски
fall for = believe sth untrue and therefore be tricked / поверить
fall out (with) = stop being friends with s.o. because of a disagreement / поругаться
fall over = fall onto the ground / упасть
fall through = fail to happen / провалиться (о планах)
be away = go to another town, country / уехать
be on = be shown — film, programme, etc / показывать
be out of sth = not have any more of something / закончиться
be over = be finished / быть завершенным
be up = be a problem / быть проблемой
be up to s.o. = be someone’s choice or decision / быть чьим-то решением
do away with = cause something to stop existing or being used / избавиться от
do up = repair and decorate a house, apartment, etc / чинить или украшать
do with = need (used with could, want or need) / нуждаться
do without = manage, despite not having something / обойтись без
bring about = cause to happen / быть причиной происшествия
bring in = introduce a new law or rule / ввести законопроект
bring out = to make available to be bought — a new product / выпустить на рынок
bring s.o. up = care for a child, especially as a parent / воспитать
take after = be similar in a way to an older member of the family, especially parents / пойти в кого-то
take off = remove clothes / снять одежду
take over = take control of / получить контроль над
take to = like immediately; feel comfortable with / пристраститься
take up = start a hobby or activity for pleasure / заняться чем-то как хобби
take up = occupy or use time or space / занимать место или время
come about = be caused to happen / случиться
come across = find by accident; find when not actually looking for / случайно найти
come out = become available (a new product) / выпускать на рынок (продукт, результат труда)
come up = happen unexpectedly / произойти неожиданно
come up with = produce an idea / придумать
go away = go to another town, country, etc for more than one day / уехать
go off sth = stop liking sth / перестать нравиться
go on = happen / случаться
go out = leave home/office etc for a short time / уйти на короткое время
go through = experience a bad period, suffer / пережить трудный период

Упражнение на фразовые глаголы из Use of English Harrison

1.Let’s go to the cinema next week. Guess what? My favourite will be ______.
2.Someone is reported to have broken ______ Gringotts.
3.I do ______ more copies for my lessons today. I can’t do ______ them.
4.It came ______ so suddenly. I didn’t understood how it happened.
5.The book came ______ a few weeks and caught on at once.
6.He worked hard and came ______ an interesting idea.
7.This printer is out of order. Isn’t it time we did ______ it?
8.Could you have a look at it? It seems to have broken ______ again.
9.I don’t know what might have brought ______ this accident.
10.The game was so interesting that I took ______ it straight away.
11.I have gone ______ the plan. We’d better think of something more promising.
12.The house is on the verge of falling ______. It looks like rather shabby.
13.He failed his test and they asked him to go ______.
14.Could you imagine what was going ______ when the teacher came?
15.They fell ______ over some trivial nuisance and split up.
16.This year will be your last one at school. You are expected to do ______ your room before leaving school.
17.We need to bring ______ a new law for such situations in the future.
18.He is said to have taken ______ his great grandfather who was a talented artist.
19.The fight broke ______ after drinking a few bottles of vine.
20.I’m just going ______ for a walk. Do you want to come?
21.How did such a confusing situation come ______?
22.I came ______ it when I was on holiday in Brazil.
23.You are wet through. Take ______ your clothes immediately.
24.I can’t print out my essay. We are ______ paper.
25.After numerous attempts they took ______ the local businesses.
26.Let’s break ______! You don’t care what I feel.
27.He fell ______ and hurt his knee badly.
28.Surfing the Internet takes ______ much time. You should cut down on it.
29.It takes much time and patience to bring ______ a child.
30.I will never fall ______ your false promisses again.

Ответы к упражнению

1.on 2.in 3.with, without 4.up 5.out 6.up with 7.away with 8.down 9.about 10.to 11.off 12.apart 13.away 14.on 15.out 16.up 17.in 18.after 19.out 20.out 21.about 22.across 23.off 24.out of 25.over 26.up 27.over 28.up 29.up 30.for

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