Готовимся к тестированию. Поиск лишних слов Destination B2

Данный тип упражнений не может быть очень разнообразным, но определенная внимательность требуется и лишняя практика в данном типе упражнений этому способствует. Задание похожего типа на основе лексики ЦТ находится здесь.

Упражнение на поиск лишних слов

1.You shouldn’t to have missed your flight.
2.It was John who he was ahead of all the participants.
3.Ann she had lost her way and had to ask for help.
4.Would you have mind turning left?
5.She went to Paris for to see the sights.
6.There she is a policeman at the entrance. Ask him.
7.Could you mind head to the railway station?
8.We hoped that to set out in the morning.
9.He is being living at his friends’.
10.We haven’t been taken off yet.
11.Let me know when they will have got back.
12.Was he be invited to go on holiday?
13.He said about they would take a trip to Italy.
14.They gave us a useful information at the border.
15.Only when did he checked in, did he make for the local church.
16.Give me a ring after you will have checked in.
17.Can it go at a more higher speed?
18.Mike told to them he would book the tickets.
19.Unless I not go away right now, I’ll be sorry for that.
20.How far is it the airport?
21.If you will drop me off near that house, it could be marvelous.
22.Though we couldn’t speak the French, we went sightseeing without a tour guide.
23.Will we arrive there as earlier than them?
24.The meeting has been being arranged so far.
25.We were been able to draw in the final match.
26.Didn’t he not do his best in the second half time?
27.He is the more least knowledgeable person I know.
28 He is known to have been knocked the world champion in a semi-final.
29.He wanted to know if we did gained pleasure from beating our opponents.
30.Could you please to give me a fishing rod?
31.The play was so interesting enough to read the original book.
32.I enjoy doing things for a fun.
33.Whatever it is she mad about.
34.Would you be so kind that as to let me have a go first.
35.Do you happen to know if does the final match takes place on Monday?
36.I felt myself disappointed when they didn’t allow me to compete.
37.He used to train a gold medalist at the world championship, didn’t use he?
38.They have been gone to their evening training. They will be back soon.
39.She left a message so to inform us that she would go in for a local competition.
40.If were he had pulled out of risky affairs he wouldn’t be in trouble with the police now.
41.I have completely gone off the doing athletics.
42.He promised to give me a hand in case I will get round to my studies.
43.She likes to taking up different hobbies.
44.As time went by they got so less and less competitive
45.The umpire he asked both players to demonstrate their rackets.
46.Not only is that he popular with journalists, but he also has a real talent for boxing.
47.We want ourselves to join in the national championship.
48.Even if he won the match, otherwise he wouldn’t become a true champion.
49.They may have had taken a photo of our revolutionary model.
50.They wanted to know if that I had found out anything new.
51.If I were be you, I would make another attempt.
52.Never before once had he made real progress.
53.This it is not a natural way to deal with a problem of this sort.
54.You are not permitted it to carry out such a complex experiment.
55.Boys like to experimenting with their toys.
56.The psychology is not an exact kind of science.
57.If you will work out this problem, we will consider your appointment.
58.Preforming an experiment it is the only way to understand how things work.
59.She considered the matter, explained it to him and they had managed to come to the conclusion.
60.You won’t get this award unless your experiments will result in some kind of a discovery.

Ответы к упражнению

1.to 2.he 3.she 4.have 5.for 6.she 7.mind 8.that 9.being 10.been 11.will 12.be 13.about 14.a 15.did1 16.will 17.more 18.to 19.not 20.it 21.will 22.the 23.as 24.being 25.been 26.not 27.more 28.been 29.did 30.to 31.it 32.so 33.a 34.that 35.does 36.myself 37.use 38.been 39.so 40.were 41.the 42.will 43.to 44.so 45.he 46.that 47.ourselves 48.otherwise 49.had 50.that 51.be 52.once 53.it 54.it 55.to 56.The 57.will1 58.it 59.had 60.will

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