Готовимся к тестированию. Предлоги Destination B1

Подготовку к тестированию по английскому языку можно начинать с учебников уровня Destination B1. В этой статье мы обращаемся к теме предлоги.

Задания на предлоги из Destination B1

1.I used to sing but just … fun.
2.He kept waking up … the middle of the night because he had bad dreams.
3.He managed to arrive … time for his flight.
4.Everyone may get bored … doing the same thing every day.
5.He didn’t seem to be interested … what I was saying.
6.None of that matters, as they’re crazy … each other.
7.The play was so bad we walked out right …the middle of it.
8.She’s very good … Chemistry.
9.She’s at that age when girls usually get interested … boys.
10.She’s keen … playing the piano.
11.That film was popular … people from my father’s generation.
12.I don’t feel … going to the theater.
13.I do the washing up while listening … the radio.
14.We haven’t taken part … any of the family gatherings recently.
15.I wasn’t too keen … mathematics.
16.I feel … drinking carrot juice.
17.Listen carefully … what he has to say.
18.He’s a big fan … pop music.
19.I feel … a big welcomed dinner.
20.They wouldn’t listen … me so I said nothing.
21.My father can still recite the poems he learned … heart at primary school.
22.They intend to provide information, via the Internet … instance.
23. … conclusion, I would like to stress the importance of environmental awareness.
24.He looks younger, but he is … fact almost 55 years old.
25.I have some doubts if he is really capable … doing this job.
26.She knows the entire page … heart.
27.She cheated … the test by copying from the girl in front.
28.In the electronics industry, … instance, 5000 jobs have been lost.
29. … general, men are taller than women.
30.Do you need any help … this report?
31.I don’t know anything … this problem.
32.Before you sail, you need to learn … basic swimming technique.
33.You need to be pretty good to succeed … the property world.
34.I always confuse him … his brother-in-law.
35. If you are pregnant, there is no reason why you should not continue … any sport or activity you already enjoy.
36.As soon as I was … board, I was beginning to have second thoughts about my previous decision.
37.How are you going to get there: … bicycle or … foot?
38.Jane is … holiday next month.
39.There’s someone at the gate asking … Dad.
40.The twins looked … each other and smiled.
41.We spent a week … the coast near the Black Sea.
42.His doctor told him to prepare himself … surgery.
43.The place could be explored … foot.
44.I can’t comment on the report as I haven’t had time to look … it yet.
45.I hate waiting … public transport.
46.There’s a girl in the shop asking … the manager.
47.The government cannot provide all the people … a job.
48.You have to get off the train at the station and cross … foot.
49.We could have gone … car or … bus.
50.Visitors usually ask … the history of the palace.

Ответы на на упражнения

1.for 2.in 3.in 4.with 5.in 6.about 7.in 8.at 9.in 10.on 11.with 12.like 13.to 14.in 15.on 16.like 17.to 18.of 19.like 20.to 21.by 22.for 23.In 24.in 25.of 26.by 27.in 28.for 29.In 30.with 31.about 32.about 33.in 34.with 35.with 36.on 37.by,on 38.on 39.about 40.at 41.on 42.for 43.on 44.at 45.for 46.about 47.with 48.on 49.by.by 50.about

Дополнительные материалы из учебника Destination B1 для подготовки к ЦТ и ЦЭ по английскому языку: тематическая лексика, фразовые глаголы, словообразование.