Готовимся к тестированию. Предлоги. FCE Use of English

Если присмотримся к теме предлоги и фразовые глаголы в исполнении серии книг как FCE Use of English, то мы увидим, что в них эта тема дается более обширно чем это требуется для успешной сдачи централизованного тестирования по английскому языку. На наш взгляд переходить к FCE UoE в независимости от редакции стоит лишь после ознакомления с этой темой в рамках реальных требований ЦТ.

Не полный список предлогов и фразовых глаголов

Вот, что предполагается выучить, если мы ограничимся словами на первые три буквы алфавита: abide by (v) absent from (adj) abstain from (v) accompanied by (adj) according to (prep) account for (v) accuse sb of (v) accustomed to (adj) acquainted with (adj) addicted to (adj) adequate for (adj) adjacent to (adj) advantage of (n) (but: there’s an advantage in — (have) an advantage over sb) advice on (n) afraid of (adj) agree to/on sth (v) agree with sb (v) ahead of (prep) aim at (v) allergic to (adj) amazed at/by (adj) amount to (v) amused at/with (adj) angry at what sb does (adj) angry with sb about sth (adj) angry with sb for doing sth (adj) annoyed with sb about sth (adj) (in) answer to (n) anxious about sth (adj) (be) anxious for sth to happen (adj) apologise to sb for sth (a) (make an) appeal to sb for sth (n) appeal to/against (v) apply to sb for sth (v) approve of pig argue with sb about sth (v) arrest sb for sth (v) arrive at (a small place) M arrive M (a town) (a) ashamed of (adj) ask for (v) (but ask sb a question) assure (sb) of (v) astonished at/by (adj) attached to (adj) attack on (n) attend to (v) (un)aware of (adj) bad at (adj) (but: She was very bad to him.) base on (v) basis for (n) beg for (v) begin with (v) believe in (v) belong to (v) benefit from (v) bet on (v) beware of (v) (put the) blame on sb (n) blame sb for sth (v) blame sth on sb (v) boast about/of (v) bored with/of (adj) borrow sth from sb (v) brilliant at (adj) bump into (v) busy with (adj) call at/on (phr v) call for demand) (phr campaign against/for (v) capable of (adj) care about (v) care for sb (v) (= like) (take) care of (n) care for sth (v) (like to do sth) care of (adj) careless about/with (ad) cause of (n) certain of (adj) change into (v) characteristic of (n/adj) charge for (v) charge sb with (a) cheque for (n) choice between/of (n) clever at (adj) (but It was very clever of you to buy it.) close to (adj) coax sb into (v) coincide with (v) collaborate with (v) collide with (v) comment on (v) communicate with (v) compare with (a) (how people and things are alike and how they are different) compare to (1,) (show the likeness between sb/sth and sb/sth else) comparison between (n) complain of (v) suffer from) complain to sb about sth (v) (= be annoyed at) compliment sb on (v) comply with (v) conceal sth from sb (v) concentrate on (v) (have) confidence in sb (n) confine to (v) confusion over (n) congratulate sb on sth (v) connection between (n) (but: in connection with) conscious of (adj) connect to/with (v) consist of (v) contact between (n) (but: in contact with) content with (adj) contrary to (prep) contrast with (v) contribute to (v) convert to/into (v) cope with (v) correspond to/with (v) count against (v) count on sb (phr v) cover in/with (v) covered in/with (adj) crash into (v) (have) a craving for sth (n) crazy about (adj) crowded with (adj) cruel to (adj) cruelty towards/to (n) cure for (n) curious about (adj) cut into (phr v) (= interrupt sb/a conversation).
Скажем так информация полезная, но скорее всего она факультативная, чем строго обязательная.

Пример упражнения на предлоги и фразовые глаголы по книге FCE Use of English

1.He grew bored ___ living in the countryside.
2.Her lips were close ___ his head and her breath tickled his ear.
3.Would you care ___ a drink? There is a bar over there.
4.For a long time that story was concealed ___ her.
5.She never complained ___ the weather.
6.‘Please don’t be angry ___ me,’ she said to him.
7.There isn’t enough contact ___ children and parents these days.
8.He says that the best cure ___ boredom is hard work!
9.He’s rather careless ___ his appearance.
10.I often bump ___ him at college. We both work there
11.All babies are curious ___ everything around them.
12.Can you account ___ your movements on that night?
13.Ralph was aware ___ the heat for the first time that day.
14.She was accompanied ___ her younger brother.
15.She’s known to be brilliant ___ dealing with difficult clients.
16.The text will provide a basis ___ class discussion about this issue.
17.He’ll be perfect for the job. I have complete confidence ___ his success.
18.He was never good at communicating ___ children.
19.A former businessman has gone on trial accused ___ a two million pound theft.
20.She’s applied ___ a job with an it company.
21.He’d be content ___ a modest income.
22.The narrow roads were crowded ___ cars and buses.
23.With luck, you might cover the border, but don’t count ___ it.
24.Instant coffee doesn’t compare ___ freshly ground coffee.
25.’No comment,’ she said, ___ answer to questions from the reporters.
26.They were amazed ___ the size of the palace.
27.The new measures are aimed ___ tightening existing sanctions.
28.The train crashed ___ the broken lorry.
29.What he said contrasted strikingly ___ what he actually did.
30.The police say seven people have been arrested ___ minor offences.
31.Where there is economic advantage ___ reusing information there will be an easy business case for the preservation of records.
32.They walked through a rose garden adjacent ___ the hospital.
33.According ___ the police, his attackers beat him with a blunt instrument.
34.Greece is the obvious choice ___ destination for sun-lovers.
35.You can’t really blame Ann ___ not wanting to bet involved.
36.A second goal moments from the end assured us ___ a place in the final.
37.He complained ___ pain in the stomach
38.I’m sure that most athletes will approve ___ the new rules on drug testing.
39.The girl’s family have made a public appeal ___ help to try and catch her killer.
40.He says that he is afraid ___ losing his job.
41.Would anyone like to pass comment ___ what they thought of the book?
42.I don’t care ___ fashion, I dress in the way I like.
43.I’m ashamed ___ you. You’re big enough to know better.
44.The police charged him ___ car theft.
45.We’ve finally agreed ___ a date for the party.
46.We had a very busy day ahead ___ us that day.
47.Jockeys are forbidden to bet ___ the races…
48.The president put the blame ___ his opponent.
49.A lot of employees are anxious ___ their jobs.
50.The book offers some helpful advice ___ finding a good hotel.
51.Beware ___ falling asleep while you are sunbathing.
52.Most people are too busy ___ their own problems to help others.
53.They promised to abide ___ the rules of the game.
54.I had a craving ___ some chocolate.
55.I like cats but unfortunately I’m allergic ___ them.
56.George complimented Ann ___ her new hairstyle.
57.The connection ___ smoking and bad breathing is well known.
58.The British Prime Minister arrived ___ Tokyo today.
59.We try to concentrate ___ one subject at a time.
60.The truck collided ___ a row of parked cars.

Ответы к упражнению по FCE Use of English

1.of 2.to 3.for 4.from 5.about 6.with 7.between 8.for 9.about 10.into 11.about 12.for 13.of 14.by 15.at 16.for 17.in 18.with 19.of 20.for 21.with 22.with 23.on 24.with 25.in 26.at 27.at 28.into 29.with 30.for 31.in 32.to 33.to 34.of 35.for 36.of 37.of 38.of 39.for 40.of 41.on 42.about 43.of 44.with 45.on 46.of 47.on 48.on 49.about 50.on 51.of 52.with 53.by 54.for 55.to 56.on 57.between 58.in 59.on 60.with