Готовимся к тестированию. Словообразование. Grammar and Vocabulary for FCE

До появления Destination B2 и ему подобным Grammar and Vocabulary for FCE казался хорошим выбором в виду наличия четкой структуры и повторяемости заданий. Под одну из частей книги хочется предложить следующий учебный материал:

Теоретическая часть по теме словообразование в Grammar and Vocabulary for FCE

глагол+er=существительное,обозначающее профессию (например: shop-shopper, teach-teacher, write-writer);
глагол+or=существительное,обозначающее профессию (например: act-actor, operate-operator, sail-sailor);
глагол+er=существительное, обозначающее устройства (например: cook-cooker, grate-grater);
глагол/существительное+ee=существительное, обозначающее вид деятельности (например: pay-payee, employ-employee);
глагол/существительное/прилагательное+ist=существительное, обозначающее вид деятельности или религиозные убеждения (например: Buddhist, anarchist, journalist, pianist);
прилагательные+ity/ness= абстрактное существительное (например: equal-equality, good-goodness);
существительное+hood/ship= абстрактное существительное (например: neighbour-neighbourhood, friend-friendship);
глагол+ance,ence/ment/(a)tion,(i)tion,sion= абстрактное существительное (например: admit-admission, achieve-achievement, form-formation, oppose-opposition, omit-omission).
Все предельно просто: обозначен тип речи и способы его образования. Теперь к практике и здесь наличие дополнительных упражнений позволяет развернуться и приукрасить первоисточник.

Упражнения на тему словообразование к Grammar and Vocabulary for FCE

В каждом из наборов почти все слова повторяются по одному разу, что позволяет обеспечить повторяемость учебного материала
Упражнение 1
1.During times of mass unemployment, there’s a pool of cheap labour for *** to draw from. [employ]
2.Customer services are constantly reviewing ***’ preferences. [shop]
3.Some *** find it difficult to deal with defiant children. [teach]
4.The car ***’ union is demanding a 7% pay rise this year. [work]
5.When he saw how badly it had been made, the *** dissociated himself from the film. [write]
6.In the evening we were treated to a distinguished performance by this very fine ***. [act]
7.A New York *** offered to acquire the company’s shares for $13 each. [invest]
8.How many *** will we need to supervise the whole room? [invigilate]
9.Dial 100 for the *** if you have any difficulties making a call. [operate]
10.The lifeboat rescued the *** from the sinking boat. [sail]
11.The shop assistant said that he needed to get his *** to authorize my refund. [supervise]
12.Where does the *** connect (up) to the electricity? [cook]
13.The company denies that it has practised discrimination against any of its ***. [employ]
14.Thousands of *** escaping from political persecution have arrived in the United States. [refuge]
15.There are some very artistic people in my *** class. [draw]
16.The department’s backup disks are all stored in a different ***. [build]
17.The *** is coming to repair our phone tomorrow morning. [engine]
18.Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay were the first *** to reach the top of Everest. [mountain]
19.He was a poet, an *** and a vegan. [anarchy]
20.The *** himself did not paint the backgrounds to his pictures — they were done by his pupils. [art]
21.Both children have rejected their parents’ religion and have become ****. [Buddha]
22.*** were frantically researching the new Prime Minister’s background, family, interests and everything else about him. [journal]
23.He was a child prodigy who made his first professional tour as a *** when he was six. [piano]
24.Tape recordings of conversations are transcribed by *** and entered into the database. [type]
25.I believe her to be the finest *** in the world. [ violin ]
26.Civil rights include freedom, *** in law and in employment, and the right to vote. [ equal ]
27.You can increase your *** by exercising. [ flexible]
28.Don’t cook vegetables for too long — they’ll lose all their ***. [ good]
29.Ranking artists for *** is just a matter of opinion [ great ]
30.What is your idea of perfect ***? [ happy ]
Упражнение 2
1.Turner is a ***and critic. [write]
2.Lucy wants to study medicine but needs more ***. [qualify]
3.After seven years of *** , she still couldn’t tell when he was kidding. [friend]
4.The age difference was a *** to the relationship… [complicate]
5.They send a service *** to fix the disk drive. [engine]
6.His books are enormously easy to read, yet he is a serious ***… [art]
7.The telephone company is the country’s largest ***. [employ]
8.They were on the upper floor of the ***… [build]
9.She did a *** of me. [draw]
10.He is an *** of Fuji Bank… [employ]
11.The duke was surprised by his wife’s *** from the guest list. [omit]
12.Making some simple *** to your diet will make you feel fitter… [alter]
13.By 1990, it was clear that the *** of the armed forces was rapidly breaking down… [cohere]
14.This season I expect us to retain the *** and win the European Cup. [champion]
15.The fine was for the company’s *** of the air near its plants… [pollute]
16.Reaching this agreement so quickly was a great ***… [achieve]
17.Each student has a *** to advise on the writing of the dissertation. [supervise]
18.You have to be a very good *** to play that part. [act]
19.People threw flowers into the river between the two countries as a symbolic act of ***… [brother]
20.I apologise if your ***of the movie was spoiled. [enjoy]
21.My ***, he’s earned millions in his career. [good]
22.The spinning wheel was a Chinese ***. [invent]
23.Everyone is in a state of great ***. [excite]
24.We needed to increase the volume of ***… [produce]
25.He was born and grew up in the Flatbush *** of Brooklyn… [neighbour]
26.He was apparently quite converted from his *** views. [anarchy]
27.The phase of writing that is actually most important is ***… [revise]
28.I suppose I was looking for an *** which was going to be an adventure.. [occupy]
29.They’re cutting funds for ***… [educate]
30.The main *** in the project is the French bank Credit National. [invest]
Упражнение 3
1.The 33-year-old *** lashed his camera to an ice-pick and took the photo by setting the timer. [physics]
2.Haworth, formerly a *** of 120 people at a printing company, left to start his own business. [supervise]
3.*** were streaming across the border. [refuge]
4.If you make *** to the Windows setup, save the new settings before closing. [alter]
5.The *** of the computer has revolutionized the business world. [invent]
6.Stretching exercises will help your ***. [flex]
7.The article comments on the lack of *** and commitment within the administration. [cohere]
8.All people have the right to *** of opportunity. [equal]
9.All we want for our countries is peace and ***. [brother]
10.Anyone could pay any cheque into their account provided the original *** had signed the back. [pay]
11.The fact that the plane was late added a further *** to our journey. [complicate]
12.Johnson was a barrister by ***. [profess]
13.Gaining *** to the club was no easy matter. [admit]
14.He is confident in his ability to overcome all *** with his personal charm [oppose]
15.At 17, he was the youngest player to win the Men’s Tennis *** [champion]
16.The shoe factory is the largest *** in this area. [employ]
17.The chemicals have been identified as a source of ***. [pollute]
18.We now know a lot more about the early stages of planetary ***. [form]
19.In order of their ***, they are deferred imitation, symbolic play, drawing, mental imagery, and spoken language. [emerge]
20.The judge wants to see a *** of the procedures. [revise]
21.Please state your name, address and ***. [occupy]
22.Anne believes in the basic *** of all people. [good]
23.In his ***, he knocked over a lamp. [excite]
24.The restrooms are for *** only. [employ]
25.We try to celebrate the *** of our students. [achieve]
26.The streets were crowded with ***. [shop]
27.Her *** as a writer is unquestioned. [great]
28.It is not easy trying to combine *** and a job. [mother]
29.Acting has brought me enormous ***. [enjoy]
30.It was with great *** that we learned of his death. [sad]
Упражнение 4
1.Their latest car has just gone into *** for the Japanese market. [produce]
2.Mr. Carr had been the *** of the company’s fortunes. [engine]
3.Some people develop *** after an operation. [complicate]
4.Whatever happened, I did not want to lose Sarah’s ***. [friend]
5.Thousands of *** have entered the camps along the borders in recent days. [refuge]
6.Public *** to the military government is growing. [oppose]
7.He had been a travel *** before turning to fiction. [write]
8.The *** of wiretaps was determined to be illegal. [employ]
9.The company is offering job opportunities for around 50 skilled ***. [work]
10.The editor made a few minor *** to the text. [alter]
11.They are having a party to celebrate the *** of their first year’s goals. [achieve]
12.He had his portrait painted by the Spanish *** Daniel Quintero. [art]
13.The Party is committed to sexual and racial ***. [equal]
14.He wants his children to have a good ***. [educate]
15.He was a shrewd *** who skillfully manipulated the press. [operate]
16.Their *** worked a ten-hour day. [employ]
17.We need to be given greater *** in the use of resources. [flex]
18.He doesn’t get any real *** from dancing. [enjoy]
19.He intends to undertake a major *** of the Constitution. [revise]
20.Two more points and the *** will be his! [champion]
21.The church is the only ancient *** in the city to survive. [build]
22.Daniel’s *** offered to pay for the course.[ employ ]
23.It is hard to combine *** with a career. [mother]
24.Sit down and be quiet, for *** sake! [good]
25.I’ve never been a very good ***. [sail]
26.Joan’s childhood was filled with pain and *** . [sad]
27.There was great *** in the crowd as they waited for the president to arrive. [excite]
28.Walking is now Dad’s favorite ***. [occupy]
29.He taught us freedom, tolerance, and ***. [brother]
30.Reagan’s command of television was a vital *** for the presidency. [qualify]
Упражнение 5
1.Please state your name, age and *** below. [occupy]
2.Her eyes shone with ***. [happy]
3.She completed her formal *** in 1995.[educate]
4.The play was shortened by the *** of two scenes. [omit]
5.He spent five years in prison for his *** to the regime. [oppose]
6.Her acting added warmth and colour to the ***. [produce]
7.The streets were full of Christmas ***. [shop]
8.There was more than a hint of *** in his voice. [sad]
9.In this job, experience counts for more than paper ***. [qualify]
10.We’re buying a new *** on hire purchase. [cook]
11.Air *** in the city had reached four times the acceptable levels. [pollute]
12.They are making some *** to the house. [alter]
13.It is difficult to define the border between love and ***. [friend]
14.Such changes have not been seen since the *** of the printing press [invent].
15.The news caused great *** among her friends. [excite]
16.It was a remarkable *** for such a young player. [achieve]
17.The bad weather added a further *** to our journey. [complicate]
18.He shouted so loudly that the whole *** could hear him. [neighbour]
19.He found it demeaning to work for his former ***. [employ]
20.Hundreds of people were unable to gain *** to the hall. [admit]
21.Computers offer a much greater degree of *** in the way work is organized. [flexible]
22.If you have a problem, ask the ***. [invigilate]
23.At least have the *** to look at me when I’m talking to you. [good]
24.He spoiled my *** of the game by talking all through it. [enjoy]
25.Overcrowding and poor sanitary conditions led to disease in the *** camps. [refuge]
26.Don’t you believe in *** between men and women? [equal]
27.The contract defines the apportionment of risks between *** and contractor. [employ]
28.Graduates are finding it more and more difficult to find ***. [employ]

Ответы на упражнения по мотивам Grammar and Vocabulary for FCE

Упражнение 1 1.employers 2.shoppers 3.teachers 4.workers 5.writer 6.artist 7.investor 8.invigilators 9.operator(s) 10.sailor(s) 11.supervisor 12.cooker 13.employees 14.refugees 15.drawing 16.building 17.engineer 18.mountaineer 19.anarchist 20.artist 21.buddhist 22.journalists 23.pianist 24.typist 25.violinist 26.equality 27.flexibility 28.goodness 29.greatness 30.happiness
Упражнение 2 1.writer 2.qualification 3.friendship 4.complication 5.engineer 6.artist 7.employer 8.building 9.drawing 10.employee 11.omission 12.alterations 13.coherence 14.championship 15.pollution 16.achievement 17.supervisor 18.actor/actress 19.brotherhood 20.enjoyment 21.goodness 22.invention 23.excitement 24.production 25.neighbourhood 26.anarchist 27.revision 28.occupation 29.education 30.investor
Упражнение 3 1.physicist 2.supervisor 3.refugees 4.alteration 5.invention 6.flexibility 7.coherence 8.equality 9.brotherhood 10.payee 11.complication 12.profession 13.admission 14.opponents 15.championship 16.employer 17.pollution 18.formation 19.emergence 20.revision 21.occupation 22.goodness 23.excitement 24.employees 25.achievement(s) 26.shoppers 27.greatness 28.motherhood 29.enjoyment 30.sadness
Упражнение 4 1.production 2.engineer 3.complications 4.friendship 5.refugees 6.opposition 7.writer 8.employment 9.workers 10.alterations 11.achievement 12.artist 13.equality 14.education 15.operator 16.employees 17.flexibility 18.enjoyment 19.revision 20.championship 21.building 22.employer 23.motherhood 24.goodness 25.sailor 26.sadness 27.excitement 28.occupation 29.brotherhood 30.qualification
Упражнение 5 1.occupation 2.happiness 3.education 4.omission 5.opposition 6.production 7.shoppers 8.sadness 9.qualifications 10.cooker 11.pollution 12.alterations 13.friendship 14.invention 15.excitement 16.achievement 17.complication 18.neighbourhood 19.employee 20.admission 21.flexibility 22.invigilator 23.goodness 24.enjoyment 25.refugee 26.equality 27.employer 28.employment