Готовимся к тестированию. Словообразование из Destination B1

Задание на словообразование из Destination B1

1.By taking quick ***, the company hopes to win the local market. (act)
2.Leonardo DiCaprio is my favourite *** — he’s so good-looking! (act)
3.The school is very proud of its *** facilities. (athlete)
4.He leaves a wife and three ***. (child)
5.She had been drawing pictures since her ***. (child)
6.What did you do for *** while you were staying in that remote village? (entertain)
7.He owns a priceless *** of stamps. (collect)
8.These doctors perform *** work in difficult situations. (hero)
9.The book was bought by an unknown private ***. (collect)
10.The *** and her husband would go off to the colonies to start a new life. (hero)
11.What you need to sing in a chorus is strong *** skills. (music)
12.She has been in a *** mood lately. (play)
13.The team has many talented ***. (play)
14.He was a young *** when he left for South Africa. (sail)
15.She was singing a little *** to her kids. (sing)
16.My mother was a *** in a rock band. (sing)
17.He entered the College of Music to study ***. (sing)
18.He is a good … . You have to do your best while you play with him. (play)
19.It’s time for us to take some … .(act)
20.There were wonderful … facilities such as a stadium and tracks (athlete)
21.Their … deeds brought them fame and respect. (hero)
22.Today we are going to learn a new … . (sing)
23.Be serious! I am not in a … mood. (play)
24.I have always like classical music. My favourite … is Anthony Vivaldi. (music)
25.Most … never boast of their treasures. (collect)
26.He has been fond of musicals since his … . (child)
27.It is very important to stay physically … even though you are tired after a day at work.(act)
28.He was crazy about … when he studied at school (athlete)
29.She has always been my … and will be. (hero)
30.When he was a kid, he wanted to be a(n) … . (act)
31.The … came onto the stage and the show started. (sing)
32. … is his passion and he secretly wants to be a sailor. (sail)
33.Teenagers are keen on various forms of … . (entertain)
34.He is proud of his wonderful … of rare books. (collect)
35.I didn’t have a good relationship with local … . (child)
36.She was too tired and wanted to be … . (act)
37.She’s young and dynamic and will be a great *** to the team. (add)
38.Kate buys nice clothes at *** prices every month. (afford)
39.Rolls Royces are very ***. (expense)
40.Corn, sunflower and grapeseed oils are all for general cooking and are relatively ***. (expense)
41.You will have to use your *** to decide how much milk to add. (judge)
42.There isn’t any railway *** on Sundays. (serve)
43.The *** was frightened and ran away. (serve)
44.Does he know the *** about his parents? (true)
45.It is *** that the college broke the terms of the contract. (true)
46.Are you being quite *** with me? (true)
47.These small village shops serve a very *** purpose. (use)
48.She’s very good at methodical work, but *** when there’s a lot of pressure. (use)
49.She gave me some *** tips for growing tomatoes. (value)
50.They made a *** of different countries’ eating habits. (compare)

Ответы на на упражнение

5)1.action 2.actor 3.athletic 4.children 5.childhood 6.entertainment 7.collection 8.heroic 9.collector 10.heroine 11.musical 12.playful 13.players 14.sailor 15.song 16.singer 17.singing 18.player 19.action(s) 20.athletic 21.heroic 22.song 23.playful 24.musician 25.collectors 26.childhood 27.active 28.athletics 29.heroine 30.actor 31.singer 32.Sailing 33.entertainment 34.collection 35.children 36.inactive 37.addition 38.affordable 39.expensive 40.inexpensive 41.judgment 42.service 43.servant 44.truth 45.untrue 46.truthful 47.useful 48.useless 49.valuable 50.comparison

Дополнительные материалы из учебника Destination B1 для подготовки к ЦТ и ЦЭ по английскому языку: тематическая лексика, предлоги, фразовые глаголы.