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1. The city’s first ___ arrived in the 10th century. INHABIT
2. Do you have a train ___ to Cambridge that I could borrow? TIME
3. The book demonstrates a remarkable ___ of knowledge. BROAD
4. Could you ___ the meeting for next week? ARRANGE
5. They ___ remember that the islands were the part of the empire occupied during the rebellion. DISTANCE
6. Since his ___ at the club, he has brought in several star players. ARRIVE
7. They deserve ___ for the tremendous job they are doing. RECOGNISE
8. They were last seen heading in the ___ of Oxford. DIRECT
9. ___, the city had a lot to offer to tourists. CULTURE
10. The country depended on ___ for its income. TOUR
11. Her smile ___ when I told her the good news. BROAD
12. The concert attracted a ___ television audience of over half a billion people. WORLD
13. He comes from a completely ___, lower middle-class family. CULTURE
14. They turned us away at the ___ because we hadn’t got tickets. ENTER
15. Morning or afternoon. It makes no ___ to me. DIFFER
16. He played in the tournament but ___. DIFFER
17. He was let off since he was ___ involved in the robbery. DIRECT
18. The maps of the place were almost ___ in detail. PHOTO
19. After the accident, the car was completely ___. RECOGNISE
20. We need to discuss ___ for our journey. ARRANGE
21. ___ sports encourage children to work together as a team. COMPETE
22. There’s a 20 kilo baggage ___. ALLOW
23. She was quite intelligent but too ___ for commercial work. PRACTISE
24. The site is down. It’s just a regular ___ shutdown. MAINTAIN
25. ___, there are very few recorded cases of such tactics. INTEREST
26. The court ___ their claim and they had to pay a huge bill. ALLOW
27. You are not the only person to have suffered ___ in your life. FORTUNE
28. If you want to do sports professionally you need proper ___. EQUIP
29. I get a lot of ___ out of tennis with my friend. ENJOY
30. She came within three points of defeating her ___. OPPOSE
31. Her lawyer seemed very ___ and inexperienced. KNOW
32. I wish to ___ myself from this very sad decision… ASSOCIATE
33. The maximum ___ dosage is two tablets a day. ALLOW
34. A gold ___, an expression of faith, was given to her. MEDAL
35. It’s ___ impossible to predict what will happen. PRACTICE
36. He was prepared to take on the challenge, with all its ___ risks. ASSOCIATE
37. He used to be an actor but now he’s ___ as a teacher. TRAIN
38. There are ___ views about the best way to teach reading. OPPOSE
39. The police were at a ___ how to tackle the violence. LOSE
40. On the other hand, co-workers can also be ___. COMPETE

Ответы к упражнению на словообразование

1.inhabitants 2.timetable 3.breadth 4.rearrange 5.distantly 6.arrival 7.recognition 8.direction 9.Culturally 10.tourism 11.broadened 12.worldwide 13.uncultured 14.entrance 15.difference 16.indifferently 17.indirectly 18.photographic 19.unrecognisable 20.arrangements 21.Competitive 22.allowance 23.impractical 24.maintenance 25.Interestingly 26.disallowed 27.misfortune 28.equipment 29.enjoyment 30.opponent 31.unknowledgeable 32.disassociate 33.allowable 34.medallion 35.practically 36.associated 37.retraining 38.opposing 39.loss 40.competitors

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