Готовимся к тестированию. Тематическая лексика Destination B1

Иногда для будущего участника ЦТ по английскому языку уровень заданий тестирования кажется настолько сложным, что подготовку стоит начинать с уровня pre-intermediate. В таком случае можно обратиться к Destination B1. Если он тоже покажется сложным, то можно начинать с учебных пособий для ГИА в вариантах с A1 или A2. Занимаясь по ним можно перейти в верх по линейке.

Задания на лексику из Destination B1

По причине элементарности теоретической части переходим к практике.
1*Упражнение на тематическую лексику 1*
1.Our team (beat/cheat) Poland 7-2.
2.A (captain/member) is the leader of a team.
3.A (board/video) game is something like Monopoly that is played all over the world.
4.I’m sure Paul will play tennis with you. He never refuses a (challenge/concert).
5.The defending (champion/coach) will play his last match of the tournament tomorrow.
6.He (cheats/organises) at poker.
7.Do you prefer (classical/club) or pop music?
8.I’ve joined the local golf (gym/club) lately.
9.He became a tennis (team/coach) in the end.
10.The two football teams are in (challenge/competition) with each other.
11.Would you like to take part in a pop (competition/concert)?
12.Real Madrid (defeated/trained) Manchester United the day before yesterday.
13.Her novels aren’t particularly well-written, but they’re always (entertaining/crazy).
14.I’m meeting a (team/group) of friends for lunch.
15.He used to like listening to (folk music/rhythm).
16.She went fishing with a small (opponent/group) of friends.
17.Nick goes to the (risk/gym) three times a month.
18.We had (a great time/fun) in Madrid.
19.He was a (member/concert) of the university football club.
20.Unfortunately, I lost (interest/an actor) in the middle of the game.
21.He beat his (captain/opponent) six games to one.
22.They (organized/risked) a meeting between the teachers, parents and students.
23.His visits gave his great grandparents such (pleasure/a game).
24.Liverpool only lost the game because the (referee/champion) was really bad.
25.He managed to beat out a jazz (group/rhythm) on the drums.

2*Упражнение на тематическую лексику 2*
1. A *** is an event when music is performed on stage.
2. A *** is a place, usually containing special equipment, where people go to do physical exercise to get fit.
3. If you *** an event or activity, you plan it and make it happen.
4. If you *** someone or their ideas or aims, you agree with them, and help them to succeed.
5. When someone *** , they do not follow a set of rules, for example in a game or exam.
6. *** music is music which has been typical of a particular community or nation for a long time.
7. A *** is a game such as chess or checkers, which people play by moving small objects around on a board.
8. A *** is something new and difficult which requires you to make an effort.
9. A *** is someone who is the winner of a competition, contest, or fight.
10. In a sporting contest, your *** is the person who you are expected to beat.
11. If you have an *** in something, you want to know more about it.
12. A *** is a square piece of some material that is used for playing games such as chess.
13. If something gives you ***, you find it enjoyable.
14. If there is a *** of something unpleasant, there is a possibility that it will occur.
15. The *** is the official who controls a sporting event such as a soccer game.
16. In a sport or game, if a player *** a goal, they gain a point
17. If you *** someone, you win a victory over them in a competitive situation.
18. *** is the experience of failing to achieve what you wanted to.
19. A *** is an organization of people interested in a particular activity who meet on a regular basis.
20. The *** in a game is the result of it or the current situation, as shown by the number of points won by the participants.
21. *** is a situation in which some people are trying to get something which not everyone can have.
22. A *** of a group is one of the people, animals, or things belonging to it.
23. The *** of a sports team is the person who is in charge of it.
24. A *** is a group of people who do something to achieve their common goal.
25. A *** is a regular pattern of sounds or movements.

3*Упражнение на тематическую лексику*
1.I’ve been working all day long but I feel I’ve (achieved/guessed) next to nothing.
2.The car accident left him with lasting (brain/report) damage.
3.Jill is very (clever/wonder) at microbiology.
4.I couldn’t (pass/concentrate) on my studies with all that noise.
5.Don’t make any serious appointments before you’ve seriously (hesitated/considered) the matter.
6.Tim did a three-year (mark/course) in physics at MSU.
7.Greater investment in (traffic/public transport) would keep more private cars off the roads.
8.She has a (degree/instruction) in computer graphics.
9.Do you have any (term/experience) of working with little children?
10.He’s a(n) (expert/subject) on British literature.
11.He knows from (experience/skill) not to play with open fire.
12.I’m worried about (failing/reminding) my final exam.
13.I would say he probably works for the secrete service, but I’m just (guessing/concentrating).
14.She (hesitated/wondered) slightly before answering the inspector’s question.
15.I had strict (instructions/marks) to inform them as soon as I got home.
16.I’m not (making progress/searching) with my grammar.
17.I’ll just (pass/make sure) I’ve turned the light off.
18.She always gets good (marks/guesses) in Chemistry.
19.A doctor was asked about the (mental/expert) state of the patient.
20.Our hotel room overlooked a pretty little (harbour/break).
21.Some nursing experience is a necessary (qualification/brain) for this position.
22.Could you (remind/achieve) him about the meeting on Saturday?
23.His helpfulness made me (revise/experience) my impression of him.
24.I (wonder/pass) what he’s making for lunch.
25.He likes watching a news (report/term) every evening.

Ответы на упражнения

1)1.beat 2.captain 3.board 4.challenge 5.champion 6.cheats 7.classical 8.club 9.coach 10.competition 11.concert 12.defeated 13.group 14.entertaining 15.folk music 16.group 17.gym 18.a great time 19.member 20.interest 21.opponent 22.organized 23.pleasure 24.referee 25.rhythm
2)1.concert 2.gym 3.organise 4.support 5.cheats 6.folk 7.board 8.challenge 9.champion 10.opponent 11.interest 12.board 13.pleasure 14.chance 15.referee 16.scores 17.beat 18.risk 19.club 20.score 21.competition 22.member 23.captain 24.team 25.rhythm
3)1.achieved 2.brain 3.clever 4.concentrate 5.considered 6.course 7.public transport 8.degree 9.experience 10.expert 11.experience 12.failing 13.guessing 14.hesitated 15.instructions 16.making progress 17.make sure 18.marks 19.mental 20.harbour 21.qualification 22.remind 23.revise 24.wonder 25.report

Дополнительные материалы из учебника Destination B1 для подготовки к ЦТ и ЦЭ по английскому языку: предлоги, фразовые глаголы, словообразование.