Готовимся к тестированию. Тематическая лексика Use of English Harrison

Лексика предлагаемая в Use of English Harrison

Как вы уведите предлагается много разных лексических единиц и словосочетаний. Не все они востребованы в рамках ЦТ по английскому языку, но лексика лишней не бывает.
*Слова близкие по смыслу*
contain = содержать в себе * This textbook contains 14 units.
consist of = состоять из * Our team consists of 12 players.
involve = включать в себя * His job involves dealing with lots of important documents.
include = иметь что-то частью себя * The price includes service, delivery costs and income tax.
particular = особый * What particular film you want to see?
single = один * This job couldn’t be done by a single person.
unique = уникальный * She had a unique opportunity to make a fortune, but she missed the chance.
individual = по отдельности * Let’s see to each individual problem, one at a time.
win = побеждать, как правило, в соревнованиях * He has won the championship 3 times so far.
gain = приобретать что-то, как правило, медленно и постепенно. * It takes time and effort to gain something of value.
earn = зарабатывать * He hopes to earn a high salary in this company.
achieve = достигать какой-то цели * She was doing her best to achieve her goal.
bit = a small quantity of — малая часть чего-то
part = one, when there are others that make the whole thing часть
piece = an amount of sth separated from the rest — кусок
share = an amount when sth is divided between people — доля
advantage = gain from; use — преимущество
benefit = the useful effect or result that sth has — польза
profit = receiving more than it cost — доход
reward = sth given because sb has done sth good or worked hard — вознаграждение
aspect = one part of a situation. problem or idea аспект(часть ситуации)
case = particular situation or example — случай
matter = issue, aspect; in this expression (matter of time) — вопрос
point = the most important thing/part of the subject is — важная часть
like = similar to = the same as
alike = very similar to each other
imagine = create a mental picture of
think of = bring into your mind
bear in mind = think about, remember or consider sth
consider = think about before acting
at fault = responsible for sth bad
get the blame for = be considered responsible for sth bad
hold s.o. responsible for = believe or say that so. is responsible for sth bad
guilty of = responsible for sth bad

Упражнение для закрепления материала из Use of English Harrison

1.Упражнение на слова близкие по значению
1.She opened the bag, which ___ sweets , cosmetics and her mobile.
2.A typical British breakfast always ___ sausages and potatoes
3.My diet ___ almost exclusively of vegetables and fish.
4.Running a kitchen ___ a great deal of routine and boredom.
5.»Why did you ask?» «Oh, no ___ reason, just keeping conversation.»
6.Divide the porridge among five ___ dishes.
7.Not a ___ person offered to help me.
8.This problem is not ___ to learners of Russian.
9.You don’t ___ much money being a teacher.
10.They ___ a great victory last season.
11.The train ___ speed going down the hill.
12.She has ___ very good exam results this term.
2.Упражнение на слова близкие по значению
1.There were ___ of bread all over the table.
2.He broke off a ___ of chocolate.
3.___ of this form seems to be missing.
4.She’s not doing her ___ of the work.
5.I think he takes ___ of his good looks.
6.He sold his car at a huge ___.
7.A(n) ___ of $20,000 has been offered for any information related to the crime.
8.For maximum ___, use your treatment on a daily basis.
9.The accident affected every ___ of his life.
10.The ___ is that going by bus would be a lot cheaper.
11.She claimed to have won a beauty contest once, but that was not the ___.
12.Do call me back — it’s a(n) ___ of the utmost importance.
3.Упражнение на слова близкие по значению
1.A good teacher treats her pupils ___ .
2.I’ve never heard her criticizing you — I think you ___ it.
3.The accident report found both pilots to be at ___ .
4.___ in mind that the price does not include flights.
5.He was ___ of fiddling the book.
6.Your answers are the ___ as hers. Copying is not the right way to get marks.
7.Why do I always ___ the blame for everything?
8.She’s very much ___ her aunt. You may mistake one for another.
9.I need some time to ___ before I make my final decision.
10.What do you ___ of their proposal?
11.They ___ him responsible for that road accident.
12.Look! Your T-shirt is ___ to mine!

Если вспомнить, что в оригинальном учебнике был набор дополнительных упражнений на каждый юнит и добавить к имеющемуся дополнительные упражнения, то становится понятным, почему этот учебник любили учителя английского до появления серии Destination. Повторяемость лексики — основа ее успешного изучения и закрепления.

Ответы к упражнению на лексику

1)1.contained 2.includes 3.consists 4.involves 5.particular 6.individual 7.single 8.unique 9.earn 10.won 11.gained 12.achieved
2)1.bits 2.piece 3.Part 4.share 5.advantage 6.profit 7.reward 8.benefit 9.aspect 10.point 11.case 12.matter
3)1.alike 2.imagine 3.fault 4.Bear 5.guilty 6.same 7.get 8.like 9.consider 10.think 11.held 12.similar

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