Готовимся к тестированию. Устойчивые сочетания Use of English Harrison

Устойчивые сочетания из Use of English Harrison

cause (s.o.) trouble = create an unpleasant situation
cause confusion = create a situation of not understanding
come as a surprise = be unexpected
come to an end = finish
do damage = to do sth bad to
do my/your, etc best = try as hard as possible
do well/badly = make (no) progress
do work = use your body or mind on a task
give an answer
give pleasure = to make s.o. happy
have a problem -ing
have a reason for -ing
have a relationship (with s.o) = associate with s.o.
have a/the feeling = sense sth
have sympathy with/for = feel pity for / feel sorry for s.o.
keep a promise = do sth that you said you would do
keep a secret = not tell anyone else
lose your temper = show that you are angry
make a comment = give an opinion;say sth
make a contribution to sth = do something that helps towards a result
make a decision = decide, reach a conclusion
make a mess = create an untidy state
make a mistake = do sth wrong
make a profit/a loss = make or lose money
make a statement = give an account of facts
make a suggestion = put forward an idea
make a/no reference = to mention/not mention
make an assumption = believe sth is true without any proof
make an excuse = give a false reason
make certain = check sth is true or sth happens
make progress = improve; advance towards a better or finished state
make sense = to be possible to understand
make up your mind = decide
put into words = explain
take (sth) seriously = believe that something is important
take (the) time = require a period of time
take care of = care for
take notice of = pay attention to
take place = happen (of an event)
tell a story

Упражнение на устойчивые сочетания из Use of English Harrison

1.As I didn’t want to ______ confusion I repeated the instruction twice.
2.She was asked to ______ a statement but she refused to voice her opinion.
3.I said good bye to them since I had some work to ______.
4.Were I you, I wouldn’t ______ their threats seriously.
5.She didn’t even try to ______ an excuse for being late.
6.I ______ the feeling that they were lying.
7.She ______ a decision not to take part in the poetry competition.
8.I have ______ several relationships before, but this is special.
9.______ your time and get ready for this exam. It is not so easy to pass as you might think at first.
10.Please ______ certain that everything is ready before you set out.
11.By the end of the year it was clear that they had ______ a profit.
12.I have never ______ a sympathy for dishonest people.
13.They ______ no suggestions. They simply rejected our plan.
14.Your final exam will ______ place in the astronomy tower on Monday.
15.I ______ the naive assumption that because it was popular it must have been of high quality.
16.Do you have any comments to ______ on that?
17.You have ______ a great contribution to our success.
18.The hurricane ______ a lot of damage to the coastal village.
19.The article ______ no reference to previous research on the subject as it was based the experiments which had been carried out by them.
20.Before leaving for Brest, she asked me to ______ care of her cat.
21.We didn’t ______ a problem finding the right book.
22.She ______ a reason for not doing her homework the other day.
23.I ______ my temper and shouted at him.
24.______ no notice of what our teacher says — she’s just in a bad mood.
25.It is not necessary that you win this game. Just do your ______.
26.In the evening they asked him to ______ a story. It helps them to fall asleep.
27.Her promotion came ______ a surprise to us as she was a newcomer.
28.He failed to ______ an answer to her questions. He wished he had prepared for that exam.
29.People will not trust you if you don’t ______ your promises.
30.Fishing gave him enormous ______ after a day at office with countless customer’s complaints.

Ответы к упражнению

1.cause 2.make 3.do 4.take 5.make 6.had 7.made 8.had 9.Take 10.make 11.made 12.had 13.made 14.take 15.made 16.make 17.made 18.did 19.made 20.take 21.have 22.had 23.lost 24.Take 25.best 26.tell 27.as 28.give 29.keep 30.pleasure

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