Как это было: цт по английскому языку 2006

Давайте совершим экскурс в историю и вспомним что из себя представляли тесты централизованного тестирования в 2006 году.

Описание тестов ЦТ 2006 по английскому языку

A1-10 — В том году времена проверялись набором отдельных предложений, а не текстом, что явно упрощало задачу по выбору правильной формы. Следует правда отметить, что не правильные формы глаголов в вопросе А1 вызывали затруднения у многих участников ЦТ.
A11 — В этом вопросе нужно было помнить о неличных формах глаголов (инфинитив и герундий).
A12 — Условные предложения 3 типа. Время смешанных условных еще не пришло.
A13 — Предложения с I wish.
A14 — Притяжательный падеж существительных и другие способы образования составных существительных.
A15 — Абсолютная форма притяжательных местоимений.
A16 — Формы числительных.
A17 — Усилители степей сравнения прилагательных.
A18-21 — Употребление артиклей.
A22-25 — Предложные сочетания и фразовые глаголы.
A26 — Различные способы выражения контраста между частями сложных предложений.
A27 — Относительные местоимения.
A28-29 — Поиск ошибочного слова.
A30-32 — Лексические ряды слов и их соответствие теме
A33-37 — Выбор правильного слова в рамках текста
A38-39 — Речевой этикет.
A40 — Вопрос по истории или географии стран изучаемого языка.
A41-45 — Ответы на вопросы по прочитанному тексту.
A46-47 — Поиск синонима к слову указанному в тексте.
A48-50 — Выбор варианта перевода выделенной части текста.
B1-3 — Словообразование.
B4-6 — Перевод на английский части предложения.
B7-10 Заполнить пропуск в тексте правильным словом.

Типовые задания тестов ЦТ по мотивам 2006 года

1.She has made () considerable progress with math.
2.() British have always made good sailors.
3.They went on a voyage around () Mediterranean.
4.Tickets for her concerts are always in () great demand.
5.In this school, () most of the children specialise in math and physics.
6.I had to walk all () way home.
1.Let me know, when you have any news *** the test.
2.Tim has been put *** charge *** advertising.
in…of |on…of|in…with|with…of
3.I sing in private from time to time though I have no talent *** it.
4.A large group of people crowded *** the crying boy.
out of|around|on|with
5.PS stands *** post scriptum.
6.Who’s that handsome man *** there?
1.It’s a conventional = ??? hot-water heater of the usual type.
1.customary 2.artificial 3.unusual
2.At the same time the material is impervious = ??? to water and very strong.
1.convenient 2.resistant 3.similar
3.I haven’t read the article itself but have read the outrageous reports rebuking = ??? the author.
1.reproaching 2.beating 3.arresting
4.He just sits there meekly = ???, gazing out the window.
1.obediently 2.reluctantly 3.hastily
5.Reducing your salt intake = ??? can help to lower blood pressure.
1.consumption 2.production 3.conservation
6.It is known that regular exercise promotes = ??? all-round good health.
1.prevents 2.ensures 3.proceeds
1.The ground outside this principal gate rises along Riding Street and it would seem a most … site for a large cemetery.
2.John was asked to … a plan to improve the show’s ratings.
3.They live on the … of Madrid.
4.We’ll have to wait another … of hours before the paint dries.
5.We finally … on a price for the boat.
6.The institute … research on politics and human affairs.
7.No one has … the problem of dealing with radioactive waste.
made|held| solved|completed
8.She lay awake half the night worrying, but finally … at a decision in the morning.
1.Smith doesn’t watch a lot of TV.
1.So do I. 2.Does he?
3.Doesn’t he? 4.Yes, he doesn’t.
2.Are you upset with him?
1.I shouldn’t do it. 2.Not in the very least.
3.Don’t mention it. 4.And how are you?
3.That’s wonderful! You must be very pleased.
1)I’ve got one of the main roles in the performance.
2)I’m afraid I will not get the main role in the performance.
3)I once got one of the main roles in a performance.
4)I hope one day I’ll get on the main roles in a performance.
4.Pretty good, thanks.
1.How does she do at work? 2.How’s school?
3.It’s good that they warned you about the changes. 4.What does he look like?
1.This was a very impressive *** by the young player, who scored 12 points within the first 10 minutes. (perform)
2.Experts believe that the large number of cancer cases in the area are directly *** to the new nuclear power station. (relative)
3.I was *** that they hadn’t included you. (horror)
4.Adverts must not create a *** impression. (lead)
5.She’s not intentionally unkind – she’s just a little *** sometimes. (think)
6.After a while her behaviour really began to *** me. (irritation)
7.Her first book got a frosty *** from the critics. (receive)
8.She had the *** of knowing that she’d done everything she could. (satisfy)
1.If you don’t like your salary, find (другую) job.
2.Nobody likes (вставать) up early in the morning.
3.Some people say that actions (говорят) louder than words.
4.You seldom read good books, (не так ли)?
1.They had never met each ??? by the mid 1980’s but later on they became true friends.
2.He was planning to do ??? brave to win her respect and attention.
3.??? his life he dreamt of going to faraway countries and meeting people who live in a different way.
4.They had a heated discussion whether to visit the ???-known London Eye or not.

Ответы к упражнениям

A18-21 = 1.- 2.The 3.the 4.- 5.- 6.the
A22-25 = 1.about 2.in…of 3.for 4.around 5.for 6.over
A30-32 = 1.1 2.2 3.1 4.1 5.1 6.2
A33-37 = 1.suitable 2.make 3.outskirts 4.couple 5.agreed 6.does 7.solved 8.arrived
A38-39 = 1.3 2.2 3.1 4.2
B1-3 = 1.performance 2.related 3.horrified 4.misleading 5.thoughtless 6.irritate 7.reception 8.satisfaction
B4-6 = 1.another 2.getting 3.speak 4.do you

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