Как это было: цт по английскому языку 2008

Описание тестов ЦТ 2008 по английскому языку

В далеком 2008 году задания тестов централизованного тестирования по английскому выглядели следующим образом:
A1 Местоимения other, отрицательные местоимения, each и every
A2 Числительные обозначающие десятилетия (the/early/late 50s ), порядковые числительные
A3 Степени сравнения наречий, Усилители степеней наречий
A4-6 Употребление артиклей ( 1/3 географические названия)
A5-10 Предлоги и фразовые глаголы
A11-20 Видовременные формы глаголов
A21-22 Неличные формы глаголов
A23 Условные предложения смешанного типа (3+2)
A24-26 Поиск фрагмента, содержащего ошибку
A27 Указать на группу слов, относящуюся к указанной тематике
A28-32 Лексический выбор слова
A33-34 Речевой этикет
A35 Вопрос по географии, истории или культуре стран изучаемого языка
A36-A39 Ответы на вопросы по тексту 1
A40-41 Подбор синонима к словам выделенным в тексте
A42 Выбор правильного перевода к предложенному предложению
A43-48 Указать правильное место пропущенных частей текста
B1-6 Словообразование в рамках связанного текста
B7-10 Заполнение пропусков словами подходящими по смыслу
B11-12 Перевод предложенных слов в рамках отдельных предложений

Типовые задания тестов ЦТ по мотивам 2008 года

1.There wasn’t ___ grain of ___ truth in what he said.
2.They’re on ___ holiday somewhere in ___ Caribbean.
3.___ Cayman islands were ___ British colony from ___ 17th century until they became independent
4.___ Bermudas are ___ strange place where ___ planes and ___ ships disappear.
5.I got to drive ___ latest model of this brand.
6.He is broke and in ___ desperate need of ___support.
1.We spent a lovely week ___ the sea last year.
2.There has been a rapid increase ___ the price of petrol.
3.He agreed ___ her ___ the need for change.
4.The worst feeling is having let our fans ___.
5.We finally came ___ an agreement.
6.There has been a definite improvement ___ her bahaviour lately.
1.Say that if he refused to ___ us to marry you would even run away with me?
2.Having spent his rich wife’s ___, the Major ended up in a debtors’ prison.
3.The Church became increasingly ___ with opposition to the regime.
4.The larger shops are able to stock a ___ selection of goods.
5.They seized ___ over several provinces
6.Naomi was ___ off her engagement ring…
1.Do you have any objections to my proposal?
1.Don’t mention it.
2.None at all.
3.A little.
2.Does that mean we are going to win the match?
1.No meaning at all
2.Anything will do.
3.I don’t think so.
4.It means a great deal.
3.This one? Oh, for five years and it still keeps good time.
1.How long have you lived in this part of our district?
2.How long have you been involved in this affair?
3.How long have you been drawing sketches?
4.How long have you had this watch?
4.Is he?
1.He shares a two room flat.
2.He’s already been involved in several car accidents.
3.He’s old enough to overcome any problem he can face.
4.He isn’t enjoying his life there.
1.There’s momentary confusion ___ about exactly what needs to be done here.
1.shyness 2.misunderstanding 3.anger
2.We don’t know the precise ___ details of the story yet.
1.essential 2.attractive 3.exact
3.This is currently ___ the most efficient way to transmit certain types of data.
1.presently 2.temporarily 3.traditionally
4.The village hall was an unlovely ___ corrugated building.
1.ugly 2.difficult to love 3.unwilling to love
1.___ symptoms would include severe headaches, vomiting and dizziness. (type)
2.She’s obviously very ___, but her lectures are difficult to follow. (intelligence)
3.He will be remembered by the staff with great ___. (fond)
4.I have in my ___ a letter which may be of interest to you. (possess)
5.The children ran round and round the playground until they were ___. (exhaust)
6.After ___, doctors spend at least two years working in hospitals. (qualify)
1.___ of my parents liked my girlfriend. They simply hated her.
2.Do you know anyone ___ who wants to play cards?
3.Downshifting is very popular ___ days.
4.George really ___ himself at the farewell party.
1.Ann wasn’t able to (различить) them apart. They look alike and it was dark enough to make out anything.
2.Do not take (не обижайся). That was meant to be a harmless joke.
3.Nick had an excellent (память на) numbers.
4.Gorge took (гордился) his good marks at college.

Ответы к упражнениям

A4-6 1.a,- 2.-,the 3.the,a,the 4.the,a,-,- 5. the 6. -,-
A5-10 1.by 2.in 3.with…on 4.down 5.to 6.in
A28-32 1.allow 2.fortune 3.identified 4.wider 5.power 6.showing
A33-34 1.2 2.3 3.4 4.3
A40-41 1.2 2.3 3.1 4.2
B1-6 1.Typical 2.intelligent 3.fondness 4.possession 5.exhausted 6.qualification
B7-10 1.Neither 2.else 3.these 4.enjoyed
B11-12 1.tell 2.offence 3.memory for 4.pride in
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