Как это было: цт по английскому языку 2009

Описание тестов ЦТ 2009 по английскому языку

A1-8 Задания на артикли с предлогами объединили в один текст.
A9-18 Времена глаголов в активном и пассивном залоге. Стоит отметить, что глаголы стали проще и выбор вариантов ответов стал менее сложным.
A19-20 Неличные формы глаголов плюс сложное дополнение с глаголом let, для которого в данной конструкции требуется bare infinitive.
A21-25 Поиск ошибочных фрагментов. Чаще всего все крутилось вокруг следующих пар: who/that/which, it/there, -ing/-ed.
A26-32 Лексический выбор в рамках текста.
A33-34 Речевой этикет.
A35 Вопросы о политическом устройстве стран изучаемого языка.
A36-39 Ответы на вопросы по тексту 1.
A40-41 Выбор синонима слову в рамках указанного фрагмента текста.
A42 Выбор варианта перевода.
A43-48 Заполнение пропусков в текстах избранными фрагментами.
B1-6 Словообразование.
B7-10 Заполнение пропусков словами, входящими в состав устойчивых выражений.
B11-12 Перевод указанного слова в рамках предложений.

Типовые задания тестов ЦТ по мотивам 2009 года

1.He spent ___ fortune on the project which turned out to be fruitless.
2.They found ___ only secret passage to ___ Hogsmit quite by ___ accident.
3.He owed ___ large amount of ___ money to ___ various banks.
4.If you are bored, buy either ___ paper or ___ magazine to read.
5.At ___ moment our situation is rather hopeless.
6.Ann was speaking on ___ phone when he entered ___ room.
1.He couldn’t pluck up the courage to ask her ___ a date.
2.They might have spent a fortune ___ flowers.
3.Most research ___ the field concentrated on the effects on children.
4.He got a degree ___ law from Cambridge.
5.If you don’t take professional pride ___ your work, you’re probably in the wrong job.
6.We crossed our fingers ___ luck.
1.At first ___, the theory seems to make a lot of sense.
2.The Princess Royal ___ at Gatwick this morning from Jamaica.
3.I set off to ___ some sightseeing in San Antonio with a sense of well-being.
4.His brilliant plan did not meet with the ___ of the Imperial Naval Staff.
approval |agreement|favour|belief
5.A friend and I are ___ a visit to Ireland this summer.
6.I am ___ up with reading how women should dress to please men…
Реплика к стимулу
1.Have you heard our headmaster is about to retire next week?
1.You don’t say!
2.Does he? Really?
3.Who does?
4.I would like that.
2.I don’t like your being lazy at work.
1.I am afraid it isn’t
2.Not quite so.
3.I am afraid you are partially wrong
4.The pleasure is all mine.
Стимул к реплике
1.Sure, go ahead.
1.Do you happen to have a pilot license?
2.Would you mind if I come home late this evening?
3.Can I play the guitar for a while?
4.Are you sure that they are highly likely to pay us a visit?
2.No, it was awful, actually.
1.Did the press conference go well?
2.Isn’t it a good day?
3.Did you use to go out a lot in your 20s?
4.Did they make a complaint about the service?
1.All of us need help sometimes when things get tough = ???.
1.strong 2.familiar 3.difficult
2.The sun vanished = ??? behind the trees.
1.stopped 2.disappeared 3.slowed down
3.These trendy = ??? looks will give your office outfits a stylish refresh.
1.fashionable 2.traditional 3.peculiar
4.The tablets make you feel better for a while but the effect isn’t lasting = ???.
1.recent 2.long-term 3.short-lived
1.Prince Khalid was ___ detained in Saudi Arabia and had to watch the race on television. (avoid)
2.There’s a growing ___ that this country can no longer afford to be a nuclear power. (recognise)
3.The judge didn’t believe his ___ that he had stolen the money in order to give it to charity. (explain)
4.___ were made to move the prisoners to another jail. (arrange)
5.I think you should be ___ about trying to change their views. (cautiousness)
6.She gave me one of those ___ smiles and I just had to agree. (resist)
1.I am afraid that it would take you the ___ life to clarify the matter because of its complexity.
2.Professor Smith is the ___ widely respected specialist in the sphere of space travel in our university.
3.She should have paid more ___ to her studies as a pupil.
4.My initial ambitions was to become a scientist ___ than a lecturer.
5.They had ___ act as the situation was drastically worsening and the hope was dim.
6.We assume that more ___ 100 hundred applicants will apply for the advertised jobs.
1.This hat doesn’t (подходит) you. Let’s try on another one of a different colour.
2.Could you (сказать) the difference between these two stones?
3.(Ушей) this dress in as it is too big for you.
4.If you want pass the test, (сделай) your best.

Ответы к упражнениям

A1-8 Артикли: 1.a 2.the,-,- 3.a,-,- 4.a,a 5.the 6.the,the Предлоги: 1.for 2.on 3.in 4.in 5.in 6.for
A26-32 1.sight 2.arrived 3.do 4.approval 5.paying 6.fed
A33-34 Реплика к стимулу 1.1 2.3 Стимул к реплике 1.3 2.1
A40-41 1.3 2.2 3.1 4.2
B1-6 1.unavoidably 2. recognition 3. explanation 4.Arrangements 5.cautious 6.irresistible
B11-12 1.suit 2.tell 3.Take 4.do
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