Как это было: цт по английскому языку 2010

Описание тестов ЦТ 2010 по английскому языку

В заданиях ЦТ каждый год происходят определенные изменения и по этому ходите на РТ, как минимум на последнее.
A1-8 Времена глаголов в активном и пассивном залоге. Изредка мелькали примеры инверсии с hardly.
A9-16 Предлоги с артиклями уменьшились в объёме сохранив пропорцию.
A17-18 Неличные формы глаголов с разницей в употреблении (например stop и remember) плюс сложное дополнение с глаголом let, для которого в данной конструкции требуется bare infinitive.
A19 Так называемые linking words.
A20 Степени сравнения наречий с усилителями.
A21 Притяжательный падеж со сложносоставными существительными имеющими в своей основе блее одного существительного (mother-in-law)
A22-25 Поиск ошибочных фрагментов. Чаще всего все крутилось вокруг следующих пар: a number of … are/the number .. is, the 5th platform/ _platform 5, there/it, say/tell, rise/raise и подобным парам.
A26-32 Лексический выбор в рамках текста.
A33-34 Речевой этикет.
A35 Эхо вопрос в котором знак эха (Do you?) совпадает со знаком уточняемого предложения (I like going to school.).
A36-39 Ответы на вопросы по тексту 1.
A40-41 Выбор синонима слову в рамках указанного фрагмента текста.
A42 Выбор варианта перевода.
A43-48 Заполнение пропусков в текстах избранными фрагментами.
B1-4 Словообразование.
B5-6 Поиск лишних слов. Два слова в каждом фрагменте текста.
B7-10 Заполнение пропусков словами, входящими в состав устойчивых выражений.
B11-12 Перевод указанного слова в рамках предложений.

Типовые задания тестов ЦТ по мотивам 2010 года

1.The bad weather forecast prevented them from set … on a trip on time.
A)out B)in C)- D)up
2.Mind what to say. He is very sensitive … any form of criticism.
A)with B)for C)to D)about
3…. the contrary, the concert was more enjoyable than I had expected.
A)On B)At C)For D)In
4.I have to admit that you were right … a certain degree.
A)at B)for C)to D)in
5.If you got caught … possession of something illegal you might be sent out of the country.
A)from B)with C)for D)in
6.They charged him a lot of money … fixing his car.
A)on B)with C)of D)for
1.It took them a month to reach … North Pole.
2.He is expected to make … good progress in the beginning as the tasks are relatively easy.
3.Before you decide on the route to take you had better rely on … common sense.
4.Her initial task was to take … photo of that place.
5.I would advise you to take … taxi as fares are rather low.
6.In … view of her experience she seems to have a good chance of promotion.
1.Anyone who has driven down the Dover Road to … a ferry might agree.
2.A 23-year-old woman was found … of murder.
3.I found it quite difficult to … up with the boredom of school.
4.His daily route … visiting several workshops located in the neighbourhood.
5.It was a period of her life when she … some lifelong friendships.
6.I … a fleeting glimpse of them as they drove past.
1.I can’t stop worrying about my first job interview next Friday. (2)
1.So can I.
2.I hope you will do well.
3.Can you?
4.You seldom are.
2.Brew my some coffee, will you? (2)
1.No, thank you. I have had enough.
2.Black or white?
3.Don’t mention it.
4.None at all.
3.That would be great. Thanks a lot. (4)
1.Would you please help me?
2.Would you mind informing about your plans?
3.Wouldn’t it be great I could get a pay rise?
4.Would you like a helping hand with this problem?
4.No,I’d rather not.(3)
1.I’d prefer it if you didn’t swear.
2.I think you’d better have a word with her.
3.Why didn’t you take a bus into the City?
4.Why did you do it?
1.The shopkeeper is always anxious = … to please his customers.
1.afraid 2.disinterested 3.willing
2.He was dismayed = … to learn that she wasn’t a very nice person.
1.amused 2.satisfied 3.upset
3.How do we reconcile these two divergent = … sides of the story?
1.complex 2.different 3.original
4.Union representatives claim = … that workers were forced to work overtime without pay.
1.declare 2.agree 3.promise
1. This is our most … project so far. AMBITION
2. She said that her life seemed … after her children left home. AIM
3. You can’t help but admire her … to succeed. DETERMINATE
4. Her first novel was published last year with a lot of … . PUBLIC
5. It seems … that no one foresaw the crisis. It was so obvious. CREDIBLE
6. He is regarded as one of the most … film directors of his generation. INFLUENCE
1.Smith was eager to find out another place of employment but it did take him a lot of time to realise his ambition.
2.I got into the lecture hall during which the break as our lecturer hated being interrupted.
3.She tried calling to him, but he didn’t answer. His telephone seemed not functioning properly
4.As he was over than 18 they let him join the Navy. It was his childhood dream to become a sailor.
5.If you want to run a business you will need to have your own premises or rent them.
6.When I was a teenager I would go to the cinema on every day. We didn’t have many forms of entertainment on offer.
1.If you ask me, one of the places which is … a visit is the Tate gallery.
2.The lost thing was … minute that trying to spot it was a lengthy process.
3.John has always wanted to take … in an international basketball competition.
4.A good doctor is expected to be … a specialist in medicine and a psychologist.
5.Students are provided with innumerable learning aids … as mind maps, 3d models, recorded lectures and so on.
6.The teachers say that he has a good head for figures but he easily loses concentration at the same … .

Ответы к упражнениям

A9-16 Предлоги:1.A 2.C 3.A 4.C 5.D 6.D Артикли:1.the 2.- 3.- 4.a 5.a 6.the
A26-32 1.catch 2.guilty 3.put 4.included 5.made 6.caught
A33-34 1.2 2.2 3.4 4.3
A41-42 1.3 2.3 3.2 4.1
B1-4 1.ambitious 2.aimless 3.determination 4.publicity 5.incredible 6.influential
B5-6 1.OUT 2.WHICH 3.TO 4.THAN 5.OWN 6.ON

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