Как это было: цт по английскому языку 2011

Описание тестов ЦТ 2011 по английскому языку

В том году пропали вопросы связанные с неличными формами глаголов.
A1-8 Времена глаголов в активном и пассивном залоге.
A9-16 Предлоги с артиклями уменьшились в объёме сохранив пропорцию.
A17 Так называемые linking words
A18 Притяжательный падеж составных существительных типа passer’by, commander-in-chief’s итд.
A19-24 Поиск ошибочных фрагментов. Чаще всего все крутилось вокруг следующих пар: a number of … are/the number .. is, the 5th platform/ _platform 5, there/it, say/tell, rise/raise и подобным парам.
A25-32 Лексический выбор в рамках текста.
A33-34 Речевой этикет.
A35 Составление диалога на основе предложенных фраз.
A36-39 Ответы на вопросы по тексту 1.
A40-41 Выбор синонима слову в рамках указанного фрагмента текста.
A42 Выбор варианта перевода.
A43-48 Заполнение пропусков в текстах избранными фрагментами.
B1-4 Словообразование.
B5-7 Заполнение пропусков словами, входящими в состав устойчивых выражений.
B8-9 Поиск лишних слов. Два слова в каждом фрагменте текста.
B10-12 Перевод указанного слова в рамках предложений.

Типовые задания тестов ЦТ по мотивам 2011 года

1.I was thinking we might go … a shopping trip to Minsk on Sunday.
2.The conventional treatments are very helpful … the vast majority of patients
3.They put up a good fight … a more experienced football team.
4.They arranged … him to give a talk.
5.He didn’t derive much benefit … school.
6.Thanks … recent research, effective treatments are available.
1.My first appearance on stage was … complete disaster.
2.Sorry, but credit cards are not accepted…pay in … cash please.
3.Access to the Internet is said to be … basic human need.
4.Many elderly people tend to have … short sleep during the day.
5.We made a plan to meet at around … noon.
6.He suddenly gave … loud cry and disappeared in the wood.
1.He couldn’t … up his mind about what to do with the money.
2.Remarks like this are generally … to be unacceptable today.
3.I need the notes to … me what to say.
4.The … World consists of Africa, Europe, and Asia, regarded collectively as the part of the world known to Europeans before contact with the Americas
5.She … him for the way he dealt with the situation.
enjoyed|admired|looked at|respected
6.We were taken on a … of the factory.
1.Shall we go away? We have had enough.
1.Haven’t we? I don’t think so.
2.Let me see. Had you actually?
3.Aren’t we?
4.OK. I’ll just get my hat.
2.Would you mind closing the window?
1.I haven’t made up my mind so far.
2.To my mind, you shouldn’t.
3.Never mind.
4.Not at all.
3.Do, please.
1.Do you think he is capable of doing it?
2.Shall I take the books away?
3.I am not able to do it anyway.
4.I can’t do it at such short notice.
4.Hardly any.
1.Do you think they will beat the other team?
2.It looked as though it was going to drizzle.
3.She didn’t have to attend other interviews.
4.I don’t think she stands a chance of getting the position.
1.We had to wait months for the council to approve = … our plans to extend the house.
1.correct 2.accept 3.compose
2.The personal finance software includes handy = … features such as automatic bill payment reminders.
1.skilful 2.useful 3.available
3.Whatever his shortcomings = … as a husband, he was a good father to his children.
1.brief visits 2.drawbacks 3.absence
4.They were too gloomy and sad to be inspired = … by his enthusiasm.
1.stimulated 2.frightened away 3.irritated
1.This film is … to attract large audiences unless it is given a big push in the media. LIKE
2.Someone has turned off the … supply. ELECTRICIAN
3.They help you talk through your problems but they don’t give you any … . SOLVE
4.From our point of view, we do not see how these changes will be … to the company. BENEFIT
5.Only one … made a clear jump of the highest fence . COMPETE
6.It’s … to take advantage of other people’s misfortunes. FAIR
1.Your article is … of exaggerations and doesn’t comply with the magazine’s policy.
2.The piece of news we received in the morning … everything upside down and made us create a new plan.
3.It turned out that she was clever … not to reveal company’s secrets.
4.He refused to … her what had happened to him that evening.
5.They kept asking … my motives for resignation from the previous post were.
6.She is rather punctual you can rely on her to arrive … time.
1.Despite of the fact that Jack was rather old he was able to get ahead to the semi-final.
2.More than two thirds of the students who got satisfactory marks for their Biology test.
3.We can reward you there with our breadth of experience in this particular kind of situations.
4.Could you give to me advice about a certain problem I have at work?
5.His brave actions definitely caught by the attention of his seniors and he got promoted in no time.
6.Our system of education has undergone itself numerous structural changes but it has always stuck to basic principles.

Ответы к упражнениям

A1-8 Предлоги: 1.on 2.for 3.against 4.for 5.from 6.to Артикли: 1.a 2.- 3.a 4.a 5.- 6.a
A25-32 1.make 2.considered 3.remind 4.Old 5.admired 6.tour
A33-34 1.4 2.4 3.2 4.4
A40-41 1.2 2.2 3.2 4.1
B1-4 1.unlikely 2.electricity 3.solutions 4.beneficial 5.competitor 6.unfair
B8-9 1.OF 2.WHO 3.THERE 4.TO 5.BY 6.ITSELF

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