Как это было: цт по английскому языку 2015

Описание тестов ЦТ 2015 по английскому языку

Типология заданий 2015 идентична предыдущему году…
A1-7 Времена глаголов в активном и пассивном залоге.
A8-15 Предлоги с артиклями уменьшились в объёме сохранив пропорцию.
A16 Составные существительные.
A17 Неличные формы глаголов после stop, remember, regret.
A18-21 Поиск ошибочных фрагментов. Чаще всего все крутилось вокруг следующих пар: a number of … are/the number .. is, числительные обозначающие периоды в 10 лет, there/it.
A22-31 Лексический выбор в рамках текста.
A32-33 Речевой этикет.
A34-35 Составление диалога на основе предложенных фраз.
A36-40 Ответы на вопросы по тексту 1.
A41-42 Выбор синонима слову в рамках указанного фрагмента текста.
A43-48 Заполнение пропусков в текстах избранными фрагментами.
B1-4 Словообразование.
B5-8 Заполнение пропусков словами, входящими в состав устойчивых выражений.
B9-10 Поиск лишних слов. Два слова в каждом фрагменте текста.
B11-12 Перевод указанного слова в рамках предложений.

Типовые задания тестов ЦТ по мотивам 2015 года

1.The Morse code was … useful invention at early stages of communication over long distances.
2.He decided to put pen to paper and submit his resignation … following day.
3.One of … worst fears for him was to work so as to make his living with no goals to reach.
4.Some may call it an offer of … lifetime but to me it was useless.
5…. rest meant nothing to her as she had failed to achieve her main goal.
6.When I told her about everything that had happened the night before she flatly rejected the idea of seeking refuge in … USA.
1.We set … on a journey at fiveish.
2.It was all a great success— thanks … a lot of hard work.
3.She congratulated me enthusiastically … my exam results.
4.Somehow we have to discourage people … committing crimes.
5.He didn’t have a typewriter so he had to write the report … hand.
6.How long are you going to be … the computer? I need to type my essay.
1.It is … as an unusual coincidence.
(regarded ) thought|believed|regarded|found
2.We often … up after work and go for a drink.
3.The meeting has been called in … to a request from Poland.
5.How do you … with the problem of confidentiality?
6.The doctors I … into contact with voiced their concern.
1.I’d like to apply for this job.
2.That’s good.
3.My pleasure.
4.It serves you right.
2.I will call you when the situation improves.
1.That would be lovely.
2.I’d love to.
3.My pleasure.
4.It depends.
3.There is no need to be sorry.
1.It’s time for me to find a better place.
2.Will you do me a favour?
3.Please, forgive me if it is possible.
4.Do you mind if I switch off the light?
4.My pleasure.
1.Thanks a lot, sir.
2.What is the aim of your visit?
3.Did you have a good journey?
4.Sorry for my being late, officer.
1.The terrible scene has been deeply imprinted = … on my mind.
1.typed 2.kept 3.drawn
2.All the witnesses gave confused = … accounts of what had actually happened.
1.puzzled 2.pleased 3.frightened
3.He’s infallibly cheerful = … , despite any difficulties he can encounter.
1.funny 2.healthy 3.optimistic
4.He came to the capital to seek fame and fortune = … .
1.inheritance 2.chance 3.relation
1.She’s still really … about her new book. ENTHUSIAST
2.I had to use my thumbnail to … the screw on my shelf… TIGHT
3.Taxes are reviewed on a(n) … basis. YEAR
4.She told us she worked as a(n) … at college. PSYCHOLOGY
5.The … of professional sports has been increasing gradually. POPULAR
6.Buying a house can be a(n) … business. RISK
1.Graduating from a pedagogical institution you can become either a teacher … a school administrator.
2.They say that very … people booked tickets for his concert next week and it may be canceled.
3. … became clear that we stood no chance of winning the case in the court.
4.As many … 30 students decided to enroll for her biology course.
5.They are determined to fulfill their goal no … how much time it will take.
6. … is true is that it takes a lot of time to create something that appeal to different groups of people.

Ответы к упражнениям

A1-7 Артикли: 1.a 2.the 3.a 4.the 5.the 6.the
A1-7 Предлоги: 1.off 2.to 3.on 4.from 5.by 6.on
A23-31 1.regarded 2.meet 3.response 4.involve 5.deal 6.came
A32-34 1.1 2.1 3.3 4.1
A42 1.2 2.1 3.3 4.2
B1-4 1.enthusiastic 2.tighten 3.yearly 4.psychologist 5.popularity 6.risky
B5-7 1.OR 2.FEW 3.IT 4.AS 5.MATTER 6.WHAT

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