Подготовка к централизованному тестированию по теме артикли

Уменьшение общего количества заданий в ЦТ и ЦЭ по английскому языку неизбежно приводит к увеличению штрафов за неправильные ответы и поэтому нужно тщательно изучать не только темы проверяемые в рамках экзамена и тестирования, но и язык в целом.

Список устойчивых сочетаний с артиклями

Ежегодно РИКЗ публикует спецификации централизованного тестирования, а в этом году нас также ознакомили с предметным содержанием централизованного экзамена.
1.Неопределенный артикль в устойчивых выражениях: an only child, as a rule, as a result, for a while, for a long (short) time, in a hurry, once a year/a week/a month, it’s a pleasure, it’s a pity, to be a success, to do sb a favour, to give a hand, to go for a walk, to have a bath/a shower/a wash, to have a cold, to have a headache (a stomachache, a sore throat), to have a look, to have a rest, to have a good time, to tell a lie.
2.Определенный артикль в устойчивых выражениях: all the same, at the seaside, at the doctor’s, at the baker’s, at the chemist’s, by the way, in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, in the country, in the past, in the present, in the distance, in the street, in the jungle, just the same, on the whole, out of the question, on the one hand…on the other hand, on the right (left), the other day, the day after tomorrow, the day before yesterday, the only (place), the same opinion, to the right (left), the more…the better; to be under the weather, to do the dishes, to go to the theatre (the cinema), to go to the country, to lay the table, to listen to the radio, to make the bed, to pass the time, to play the piano (the guitar, the violin, etc.), to tell the truth, to weather the storm.
3.Нулевой артикль в устойчивых выражениях: at breakfast (dinner, lunch, supper), at home (school, college), at night, at present, at sunrise, at sunset, at war, at work, at first sight, at times, by accident, by chance, by day, by heart, by mail/ by email, by mistake, by name, by night, by phone, by post, day after day, day by day, for fun, for information, for pleasure, for relaxation, from beginning to end, from east to west, from left to right, from morning till night, from town to town, from time to time, hand in hand, in conclusion, in detail, in fact, in trouble, in love, in town, in time, on business, on foot, on fire, on holiday, on sale, on time, to be in bed, to be in hospital, to be sent to prison/to be in prison, to bear in mind, to do research, to have breakfast/lunch/dinner/supper, to have great fun, to have toothache, to go (travel, come, arrive) by bus (car, boat, ship, plane, train), to go by water (air, sea, land), to go to sea, to go home, to go to school, to go to church, to go to bed, to go shopping (sightseeing), to go to town, to keep house, to leave school/home, to leave town, to make use of, to make friends, to pay attention to, to play chess (football, tennis, hockey, etc.), to speak English (но the English language), to study mathematics/physics/history (но: the history of art), to take care, to take part, to take place, to tell lies, to watch television.

Упражнения на тему устойчивые выражения с артиклями в рамках централизованного тестирования и экзамена

В данном случае задача проста — нужно лишь правильно вспомнить устойчивое сочетание.
1.We have to turn down the next road on ___ right.
2.I was always interested to see the drivers in ___ hurry in ___ morning.
3.Where’s Sandy today?’ ‘I think she’s at ___ doctor’s.’
4.Business was bad, but we knew we would weather ___ storm.
5.She took ___ extra care to lock all the doors this time.
6.I decided to take up skiing, just for ___ fun.
7.She said she had ___ sore throat and was feeling awful.
8.We met by ___ accident at the seaport.
9.As ___ rule, she achieves good exam results.
10.He had made ___ bed after ___ breakfast.
11.He plays ___ guitar in a pop group.
12.It’s ___ pleasure to be here and have ___ chat with you.
13.If I had seen him, I would have told him ___ truth.
14.I still come across her from ___ time to ___ time.
15.We’re going to ___ cinema.Do you want to come along?
16.I don’t suppose you’ve had a chance to go ___ shopping yet?
17.I never have time to read for ___ pleasure.
18.On ___ whole I don’t like watching television.
19.I would much rather have my baby at ___ home than in ___ hospital.
20….but on ___ other hand I enjoy the work I’m doing at the moment.
21.She didn’t do very well at ___ school.
22.These animals sleep by ___ day and hunt during the night.
23.He explained it all in ___ great detail.
24.Tickets for the performance will be on ___ sale at the box office soon.
25.She’s much better now and getting stronger ___ day by ___ day.
26.Rooms will be cleaned and bedcovers changed at least once ___ week.
27.What’s ___ matter with you? I had ___ headache.
28.He stayed in a hotel for ___ short time while looking for a house to rent.
29.She is in ___ bed, because she has ___ cold.
30.The parties usually take ___ place at ___ night.
31.We would walk along the beach at ___ sunset.
32.In ___ actual fact, she was quite right.
33.Jonathan was away on ___ business.
34.At ___ breakfast, he didn’t say a word, just read his newspaper.
35.Suzy had ___ bath and went to ___ bed.
36.They’ve gone to ___ country for the weekend.
37.It’s too early to decide yet whether the operation has been ___ success.
38.He felt sick and decided to stay in ___ bed that day.
39.I need to have ___ wash before dinner.
40.Goods were often transported by ___ water in the 19th century.
41.The children were playing ___ football in the park.
42.Personally, I’d rather stay at ___ home and watch ___ TV.
43.We went on ___ holiday together last summer.
44.It’s ___ pity that you didn’t visit us when you were in ___ country.
45.It is really just ___ same as any other office work.
46.I want to brush my teeth and take ___ shower.
47.We don’t need to tell ___ lies about the real world in order to make it magical.
48.Thanks for the letter you wrote me ___ other day.
49.I always have ___ lunch at my desk.
50.Can you call at ___ baker’s and get a loaf of bread?
51.At ___ times, I wish I didn’t have to work with her.
52.They will be taking ___ part in the discussions next month.
53.In other words, we would be separated for ___ long time.
54.Do your listeners ___ favour by setting a time limit on questions.
55.Bearing in ___ mind that it’s Christmas, how much will the flight cost?
56.I left ___ school when I was fifteen.
57.Please bring as much food as you can — ___ more ___ better.
58.A foreign holiday is out of ___ question this year.
59.The bus didn’t come, so we set out on ___ foot.
60.We got to the departure lounge just in ___ time.
61.She had an accident at ___ work while painting the ceiling.
62.I saw her by ___ chance in the shop.
63.As ___ result, English words of politics and the law come from French rather than German.
64.Shall we play ___ cards in the evening?
65.It was ___ great fun! You should have come too.
66.After you go over the bridge, take a turn to ___ right.
67.I took your bag instead of mine by ___ mistake.
68.My parents go to the house right on ___ time.
69.Try harder now and you can have ___ rest later.
70.Oh, by ___ way, my name’s Julie.
71.We were made to learn long passages of poetry by ___ heart.
72.Why doesn’t she make ___ use of her teaching talent?
73.I’m not very good at drawing, but it helps to pass ___ time.
74.He gave me ___ hand with the bags at the railway station.
75.I bought some vitamin pills and perfumes at ___ chemist’s.
76.Do you often go to ___ theatre?
77.You’d better get over to ___ left here.
78.In his spare time he liked to play ___ violin.
79.I’ve done ___ research to find out the cheapest way of travelling there.
80.She was sent to ___ prison for six months.
81.With the aid of an architect who visits the classroom once ___ week, they invent new ways to meet these needs.
82.I was still feeling a bit under ___ weather.
83.Did you actually send the parcel by ___ post?
84.She doesn’t go to ___ church very often these days.
85.Where did you go to ___ school as a pupil?
86.They like to do business by ___ phone.
87.I went ___ sightseeing for the rest of the day.
88.He apologized publicly for his mistake ___ day before yesterday.
89.We planned to leave the place at ___ sunrise.
90.She played ___ piano while her brother sang.
91.Shall we walk or go by ___ bus?
92.I intended to do ___ dishes, so I put my ring on the table.
93.He wants you to see him in ___ afternoon.
94.We could see the mountains in ___ distance.
95.I’m sick of doing ___ same thing ___ day after ___ day.
96.If you want to study ___ maths you have to tell me how you’re going to do that
97.We’re going to Paris ___ day after tomorrow.
98.I want you to send it back by ___ mail.
99.We could hear the calls of wild animals in ___ jungle.
100.It’s quicker to travel by ___ car.

Ответы к упражнению с устойчивыми сочетаниями артиклей.

1.the 2.a,the 3.the 4.the 5.- 6.- 7.a 8.- 9.a 10.the,- 11.the 12.a,a 13.the 14.-,- 15.the 16.- 17.- 18.the 19.-,- 20.the 21.- 22.- 23.- 24.- 25.-,- 26.a 27.the,a 28.a 29.-,a 30.-,- 31.- 32.- 33.- 34.- 35.a,- 36.the 37.a 38.- 39.a 40.- 41.- 42.-,- 43.- 44.a,the 45.the 46.a 47.- 48.the 49.- 50.the 51.- 52.- 53.a 54.a 55.- 56.- 57.the,the 58.the 59.- 60.- 61.- 62.- 63.a 64.- 65.- 66.the 67.- 68.- 69.a 70.the 71.- 72.- 73.the 74.a 75.the 76.the 77.the 78.the 79.- 80.- 81.a 82.the 83.- 84.- 85.- 86.- 87.- 88.the 89.- 90.the 91.- 92.the 93.the 94.the 95.the,-,- 96.- 97.the 98.- 99.the 100.-

Задание на повторение артиклей по материалам сборников централизованного тестирования по английскому языку с 2018 по 2022 годы.

В реальных тестах ЦТ ситуация немного сложнее. Кроме устойчивых сочетаний нужно еще определить вариант трактовки ситуаций, где работают общие правила употребления артиклей.
1.To put her students at ___ ease she decided to cut down on the amount of home tasks given.
2.You had better speak in ___ turn or I will fire you both.
3.We should put ___ end to this infamous practice of bending rules.
4.___ outside of every house in the center of St.Peterburg is unique and every single one has its long history.
5.Do bear it in ___ mind otherwise you are highly likely to run into various problems later.
6.You should take ___ pride in his recent achievement.
7.I admire ___ surrounding countryside especially in spring when tree leaves are of different colours.
8.Although ___ influence of the past was evident there was something innovative in architecture.
9.It is said that all ___ pupils in my class passed the exam with flying colours.
10.Unless you want to fail any task you are advised to plan everything in ___ advance.
11.At that period he was doing ___ professional work for various websites.
12.In ___ end he admitted his inability to cope with this problem.
13.It is of vital importance to take ___ full advantage of the scheme provided by the local council.
14.I wish I had lived in ___ 1980s which was said to be a wonderful period of time.
15.As ___ matter of ___ fact, he was a complete novice and hardly stood a chance of winning the tournament.
16.To get ___ good shot you need not only artistic skills but also patience.
17.It was ___ only reason for her hatred towards him.
18.There is ___ growing trend in my occupation so I ought to do something to catch up with ___ rest.
19.You shouldn’t have taken ___ advantage of that situation because of your senior position.
20.It has always been my dream to sail around ___ globe.
21.To my way of ___ thinking, this approach to such a puzzling situation is not a sound one.
22.It makes you tired if you have many things to do by ___ hand.
23.Whatever ___ weather, we will set off on ___ journey we have planned before.
24.I could hardly see their figures in ___ distance as the weather was rather misty.
25.PCs are no longer ___ common sight in homes and flats of most people these days.
26.In ___ conclusion Jim was told to leave the country and never come back again.
27.Most animals in ___ captivity live longer than those that in ___ wild.
28.In my opinion fifty push-ups at ___ time is too much.
29.This initiative may pose ___ serious threat to stability in the region.
30.To gain ___ even greater freedom people have to sacrifice something they already have.
31.I reckon she was not aware of ___ fact that she was kept ___ eye on at that moment.
32.He wanted to play ___ important role in the uprising against the invaders.
33.The students were allowed to use mobile devices during lessons as ___ result a few students misused them.
34.Can you think of ___ better option than this one?
35.___ boredom of artificial tasks to do makes mathematics ___ boring activity.
36.Since he was not in ___ talkative mood he made ___ decision to sit by ___ window.
37.He desperately wants to lose ___ weight by May.
38.She desperately wanted to have ___ fun even though there was nothing to call for celebrating.
39.I can’t see ___ point of making ___ application over and over again.
40.It was ___ relief to know that nobody was in ___ danger.
41.A hardworking pupil is ___ rare sight these days.
42.It is not reasonable to expect to get everything you need free of ___ charge.
43.On ___ whole, the task was so complicated that we had to work overtime at ___ weekend.
44.If he were not determined enough he wouldn’t have taken ___ action then.
45.In ___ actual fact he does like this book.
46.Would you like to travel to ___ northern Italy?
47.If you are willing to lose ___ weight you should be aware that it does take some time.
48.In ___ addition, they got some extra funding and easily surpassed their opponents.
49.At ___ first, she didn’t know how to react to his proposal but later she decided to turn it down.
50.If I were in your shoe i would not make up excuse after ___ excuse.
51.I want you to get ___ experience that is why I put forward you for promotion.
52.He hadn’t been making ___ progress with English as ___ result he had problems during the exam.
53.___ access to ___ Internet is considered to be one of the human rights nowadays.
54.She spent too much time in ___ Sun and she had some problems with her skin later.
55.If you don’t take ___ care of something in your possession you are bound to lose it one day.
56.She wanted to know whether the trip was ___ fun.
57.You had better stay out of ___ trouble and not to deal with suspicious people.
58.If you keep this peculiarity in ___ mind you will not run into any problems.
59.As ___ result of being both lazy and inaccurate he got fired.
60.Being shy is ___ common feature of most specialists who lack in experience.
61.I was put in ___ touch with people who knew how to deal with my problem.
62.We were in ___ despair and didn’t have ___ clue what to do ___ next.
63.She mistook him for another person from ___ distance as she was short-sighted.
64.At ___ crossroads he took ___ right turn by ___ mistake and his driving license was canceled.
65.Despite her sound advice he did ___ opposite which led to imprisonment.
66.Her thirst of ___ knowledge let her go up the career ladder.
67.My friends and I, in ___ particular, became interested in the writer’s press conference.
68.___ way in which they put on the performance has made many people irritated.
69.It takes a lot of time and energy to create a picture in ___ accurate detail.
70.I don’t want to disappoint you but your dress is no longer in ___ fashion.
71.The archaeologists having returned from an expedition put their findings on ___ display.
72.I think that ___ use of mobile phones at ___ school should be restricted.
73.Having to work 36 hours ___ week is not my dream.
74.To stay fully awake she keeps drinking coffee during ___ day.
75.It is 2 a.m.so he must be at ___ work.
76.The tower was tall enough to be seen in ___ distance.
77.They were travelling around ___ Far East when they got the unpleasant news about their failure.
78.My parents insisted on my taking ___ part in the reality show.
79.He gave he ___ helping hand when she had no one to turn to.
80.As it was ___ subject of certain value they were not willing to define its future.
81.All of ___ sudden he managed to solve the mystery.
82.___ organic food has become a very important issue over recent years.
83.Thanks to ___ regular workout she is physically fit and athletically slim.
84.In ___ addition, you will have to pay for all the damages you did.
85.Before one moves ___ home there will be lots of things to be seen to.
86.___ number of people are said to participate in the race later the week.
87.She told me that in ___ particular the situation didn’t seem threatening.
88.People should know that ___ web is packed with high-risk sites.
89.John wanted to get ___ different view on the city so he decided to hire a helicopter.
90.They came to ___ conclusion that the materials should be open to ___ public.
91.You shouldn’t have left the room in ___ mess.
92.I’d rather you came into ___ contact with them.
93.At ___ present the situation seems to be less troublesome than it was the day before yesterday.
94.It is ___ pity that I mistook her intentions and failed to be ready on ___ time.
95.___ everyday workout does you more good than any strenuous effort.
96.I don’t find ___ idea of missing ___ school appealing enough to take ___ risk.
97.As a theater lover, I am eager to visit ___ Globe Theater one day.
98.We did our best and hoped for ___ good news to come one day.
99.In ___ short while the requested materials will be available on-line.
100.___ most students are not satisfied with ___ amount of homework they have to do.

Ответы на задания по артиклям за последние 5 лет.

1.- 2.- 3.an 4.The 5.- 6.- 7.the 8.the 9.the 10.- 11.- 12.the 13.- 14.the 15.a,- 16.a 17.the 18.a,the 19.- 20.the 21.- 22.- 23.the,the 24.the 25.a 26.- 27.-,the 28.a 29.a 30.- 31.the,a 32.a 33.a 34.a 35.the,a 36.a,a,the 37.- 38.- 39.an 40.- 41.a 42.- 43.the,the 44.- 45.- 46.- 47.- 48.- 49.- 50.- 51.- 52.-,a 53,-,the 54.the 55.- 56.- 57.- 58.- 59.a 60.a 61.- 62.-,a,- 63.the 64.the,the,- 65.the 66.- 67.- 68.the 69.- 70.- 71.- 72.the,- 73.a 74.the 75.- 76.the 77.the 78.- 79.a 80.a 81.a 82.- 83.a 84.- 85.- 86.A 87.- 88.the 89.a 90.the,the 91.a 92.- 93.- 94.a,- 95.An 96.the,-,the 97.the 98.- 99.a 100.-,the

Дополнительные материалы по теме артикли в заданиях ЦТ по английскому языку

Если Вы пользуетесь программой для интервального повторения Anki, то мы предлагаем скачать колоду карточек с устойчивыми сочетаниями с артиклями.
Типичные ошибки с артиклями на ЦТ разобраны здесь. Об использовании артиклей в тестах 2023 года мы писали итоговом обзоре.

Дополнительные материалы для подготовки к ЦТ по темам: речевой этикет, словоупотребление.