Речевой этикет. Вопросы А13-14

Практика — критерий истины. Больше практики- больше шансов на успех. В качестве теоретической части можно разве упомянуть так называемый эхо-вопрос: She hasn’t finished school? — Hasn’t she? Как вы видите, с помощью эха уточняется информация и нет инвертирования вспомогательных глаголов, как это бывает с разделительными вопросами.

Упражнения на речевой этикет

*Реплика к стимулу*
1.Smith doesn’t watch a lot of TV.
1.So do I.
2.Does he?
3.Doesn’t he?
4.Yes, he doesn’t.
2.Are you upset with him?
1.I shouldn’t do it.
2.Not in the very least.
3.Don’t mention it.
4.And how are you?
3.I want to have a ride on my new motorbike.
1.Motorbike? You should ask our parents.
2.I’m afraid you are riding a bike.
3.Be careful. Mind the busy lanes.
4.You shouldn’t have done that.
4.Is anything the matter?
1.Don’t take it to heart.
2.It doesn’t make sense.
3.What a pity!
4.Everything appears to go wrong.
5.You will not be late, will you?
1.There’s no need to worry.
2.I hope I will.
3.Yes, I won’t.
4.I’m afraid not.
6.She married at the age of 20.
1.It was fun.
2.She always does.
3.Didn’t she?
4.So did her mother.
7.Sorry to keep you waiting.
1.Don’t mention it.
2.You are heartily welcome.
3.That’s all right.
4.You never are.
8.I feel nervous and anxious.
1.Take it to heart.
2.Are you?
3.Don’t mention it.
4.Do you?
9.Do you want some cheese with your tea?
2.A slice of cheese, please.
3.Nothing of the kind.
4.No, I do.
10.Isn’t he ambitious?
1.Isn’t it?
2.Actually,it is.
4.Let’s hope for the better.
11.Why not go to a restaurant?
1.You are welcome!
2.I am all for it.
3.Not in the least.
4.I don’t think I do.
12.Shall I give you a helping hand?
1.No, you won’t
2.Yes, you will.
3.No, you needn’t.
4.No, you haven’t, have you?
13.Who’s Ann Green?
1.She is a teacher.
2.She is really clever.
3.She is my girl-friend.
4.She is a vegetarian.
14.I am going out for a ride.
1.Are you?
2.Aren’t you?
3.Do you really?
4.Have a nice trip!
15.Ann doesn’t like meat.
1.So do I.
2.Yes, she doesn’t
3.Doesn’t she?
4.Does she actually?
16.He got divorced at the age of 40.
1.it was fun.
2.He always does.
3.Didn’t he?
4.So did his great grandfather.
17.Who’s George?
1.He is a GP.
2.He is my brother.
3.He is friendly.
4.He is a volunteer.
18.Can I use your computer?
1.I am awfully sorry indeed.
2.It’s a pity.
3.I am afraid not.
4.I am for it.
19.I’ve got to go right now.
1.Have you really?
2.That’s it.
3.So am I.
4.You don’t.
20.Today is known to be my birthday.
1.It’s a pleasure.
2.Many happy returns of the day.
3.Is there?
4.What’s happened?
*Стимул к реплике*
1.That’s wonderful! You must be very pleased.
a)I’ve got one of the main roles in the performance.
b)I’m afraid I will not get the main role in the performance.
c)I once got one of the main roles in a performance.
d)I hope one day I’ll get on the main roles in a performance.
2.Pretty good, thanks.
1.How does she do at work?
2.How’s school?
3.It’s good that they warned you about the changes.
4.What does he look like?
3.I’m afraid not. It is my plan to be in the central park in 10 minutes.
1.Aren’t you afraid that there will be no time for drinking coffee?
2.Will you be having a cup of coffee shortly?
3.Have you got time for a cup of coffee?
4.Are you waiting for someone?
4.Thank you. It would be great.
1.Do you fancy watching a movie?
2.Did you like watching the movie?
3.What type of movie do you want to see?
4.Why didn’t you go to the cinema yesterday?
5.Don’t. You will have no regrets.
1.It was my plan to get there by Friday.
2.We planned to get everything arranged on time.
3.I hesitate to accept their offer.
4.I don’t go there by taxi.
6.It’s O.K. I have got a hat.
1.What were you wearing when you were on a bike?
2.Well, make certain that you don’t catch a cold when you are on a bike.
3.Why didn’t you put on your hat if it was as cold as that?
4.What do you normally wear when you are on a bike?
7.Same to you.
1.Have a good day.
2.Make yourself at home.
3.God bless you.
4.Help yourself to the cake.
8.No, not in the least.
1.Sorry, I have borrowed your laptop.
2.Have you got any laptops?
3.You have a few laptops, haven’t you?
4.Do you mind if I take this laptop?
9.See you soon.
1.Will you be staying there for a month?
2.Are you leaving?
3.When will you come back?
4.Hello! It’s me.
10.No, you don’t have to. You can do it later.
1.Shall I do it right now?
2.I wonder why it is so important.
3.May I do it later?
4.Sorry, but I can’t do it now.
11.I wish I could.
1.Why don’t you have a break?
2.Can I use your mobile phone?
3.You shouldn’t have done such a stupid thing.
4.Were you permitted to leave the place the day before yesterday?
12.I don’t think much of it.
1.Shall we begin?
2.Will you take a lot of money with you?
3.How do you like the film?
4.How much is this USB-stick?
13.I am afraid so.
1.Do I need to wear a seat-belt?
2.How do you feel when you are in a car like this?
3.I’m certain you will fine once you apply sun-tanned cream.
4.I don’t think you should wear a mask all the time.
14.That would be great.
1.Do you fancy visiting an exhibition?
2.Did you like your visit to the exhibition?
3.What kind of exhibition would you like to visit?
4.Why didn’t you go to the exhibition yesterday?
15.Why should I?
1.How long are you going to stay there?
2.Did you do well in the Math test?
3.Could you do me a favour?
4.Why don’t you give this plan a try?
16.Good for you!
1.I have been offered a promotion.
2.I can drop you at the station.
3.Where have you been? You are so late.
4.You can ask him for help.
17.Why should I?
1.You had no right to complain.
2.What do you mean by saying that?
3.Why did you keep it a secret?
4.Will you break this news to her?
18.I really enjoyed it.
1.The tickets were expensive which spoiled the overall expression.
2.How did you like the film?
3.Would you enjoy seeing the film?
4.Did you like the new films in our local cinema?
19.I am not in the right mood.
1.Why aren’t you playing computer games?
2.How are you?
3.Have you learnt how to do it?
4.Will you let me know about it?
10.I don’t feel like it.
1.How do you feel today?
2.What about doing the housework?
3.How do you like my new bike?
4.Shall I open the window?

Ответы к упражнениям

РС — 1.3 2.2 3.1 4.4 5.1 6.4 7.3 8.4 9.2 10.3 11.2 12.3 13.3 14.1 15.3 16.4 17.2 18.3 19.1 20.2
СР — 1.1 2.2 3.3 4.1 5.3 6.2 7.1 8.4 9.2 10.1 11.1 12.2 13.1 14.1 15.3 16.1 17.4 18.2 19.1 20.2

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