РИКЗ типичные ошибки по английскому языку в ЦТ

К сожалению, уже очень давно не выпускаются в печать сборники типа анализ ошибок и в основном для будущих участников ЦТ источником информации о типичных ошибках являются рассказы тех, кто сдавал тесты ранее. Относительным утешением может является тот факт, что определенные аналитические материалы все же публикуются. Продолжение этой статьи читайте по ссылке.

Список типичных ошибок на ЦТ по английскому языку

Обратите внимание, что список ЛЕ хоть и не большой, но по большинству из пунктов в своих статьях РИКЗ дает очень высокие коэффициенты сложности из которых видно, что с почти всеми позициями по списку не справлялись более половины участников централизованного тестирования по английскому языку.
Устойчивые сочетания с артиклями:
— all in all, at present, be in danger, by mistake, come into contact, have fun, in (great) detail, in advance, in fact, lose weight, on display, take action, take advantage of, tell lies;
— at the bottom, at the weekend, during the day, in the countryside, in the distance, in the end, in the wild, not the case, on the whole, see the point, to tell the truth;
— in a mess, all of a sudden, at a speed of.
Устойчивые сочетания с предлогами и фразовыми глаголами:
access to, addicted to, address sb, admire for, advice on, answer to , appeal to, apply to, appointment with sb, approve of, at high speed, attitude to, blame for, capable of, cater for, cause of, come up with, compare to, contribute to, covered in/with, demand for, difficulty in sth, disappointed with, discourage from, enthusiastic about, for pleasure, for the first time, for this reason, give up, ignorant of/about, in addition to, in advance, in practice, in response to, in return, in short, in terms of, in the sun, in turn , insist on, lead to, limited to, look after, low in, manage stress, mistake for, object to, on sb’s own, on the menu, on the phone, on the whole, popular with/among, prevent sb from/- Ving, prevent sth, provide with, put out, reason for, regret sth, rely on, remind of, result in, take pride in, thanks to, turn out, typical of, under pressure, work out.
Дополнительная теория по: артикли, предлоги и фразовые глаголы.

Упражнение на типовые ошибки, допущенные на централизованном тестировании

Упражнение на артикли.
1.She desperately wanted to have ___ more fun out of her teenage years.
2.All in ___ all our trip to Poland was O.K. so I advise you to do the same.
3.In Africa they saw elephants and lions in ___ wild.
4.The book described her way to stardom in ___ great detail.
5.If the weather is good enough, we’ll have a barbecue at ___ weekend.
6.One of the people who got lost in the forests was in ___ danger.
7.She urged them to take ___ action until it was too late to act.
8.Someone may be trying to take ___ advantage of your tender age and naivety.
9.At ___ present I am busy with my exam preparations.
10.We thought we might go abroad for holidays, but in ___ end we opted to state at home.
11.This is not ___ case. You are not up to the point.
12.I can’t see ___ point of doing extra homework.
13.On ___ whole I don’t like playing computer games.
14.All of ___ sudden I realized that the car in front of me wasn’t mine.
15.We could barely see the train approaching in ___ distance.
16.Don’t let that chemical come into ___ direct contact with your skin.
17.Mary said she did not care, but in ___ fact she was rather agitated.
18.There are still parts of our economy in ___ mess.
19.Ok, tell me ___ truth, did you take her wallet?
20.Being brought up in ___ countryside, he found it hard to get used to town life.
21.Extra information will be found at ___ bottom of our web page.
22.Many old carts are on ___ display at the local museum.
23.He was driving along at ___ speed of 60 mph when the car accident took place.
24.You should book your hotel in ___ advance, preferably a month before.
25.It was not in her nature to tell ___ lies.

Упражнение на предлоги и фразовые глаголы
1.She’s ___ the phone right now, but can see you in a minute.
2.If you don’t take professional pride ___ your work, you’re probably in the wrong job.
3.Everyone should be entitled to fair access ___ employment.
4.Please do not address ___ me in such an unfriendly way.
5.Just look at your clothes! They’re covered ___ mud!
6.___ short, it was a hectic week with innumerable misfortunes.
7.They relied heavily ___ the advice of their experts.
8.She insisted ___ paying for the meal at the cafe.
9.It was typical ___ my luck that it happened to be raining.
10.»I don’t approve ___ that kind of behaviour, » she said
11.Overall, I was not so disappointed ___ the final result.
12.A positive aspect of getting education is that it contributes ___ finding one’s identity.
13.The age range of future participants was limited ___ 25–35.
14.You will have to look ___ your younger sister while we are away.
15.It has rained ___ the first time since we arrived here.
16.Your voice and gentle manners remind me ___ your mother.
17.Human error was blamed ___ the air crash.
18.I am writing ___ response ___ your prior email.
19.You should never mistake lack of formal education ___ an absence of wisdom.
20.How many are we catering ___ at the opening ceremony?
21.If you’re going to come, please let me know ___ advance
22.I still don’t know the reason ___ his hasty departure.
23.You have to admire her ___ being so determined.
24.I’ve come here ___ pleasure, not on purpose.
25.Both cars were traveling ___ high speed when they collided.
26.He offers advice ___ rights when purchasing goods or services.
27.We can’t solve the problem ___ our own.Will you help us out?
28.Many teenagers are surprisingly ignorant ___ current affairs.
29.I don’t pretend that doing homework is fun because ___ the whole it isn’t.
30.She doesn’t usually shout — she must be ___ great pressure.
31.She’s come ___ some ingenious plan to double her income.
32.I have become totally addicted ___ soap operas.
33.The idea of putting everything at risk didn’t appeal ___ him.
34.The fire resulted ___ severe damage to their property.
35.She couldn’t hurt anyone — she’s barely not capable ___ it.
36.___ addition ___ the price of the video game, there’s a charge for delivery.
37.___ terms ___ money, the project was not a success.
38.I can’t sit ___ the sun for too long due to my poor health.
39.I am sorry to say that but I’ll have to cancel my appointment ___ you tomorrow.
40.You don’t seem very enthusiastic ___ her latest movie.
41.This sort of films is particularly popular ___ older people.
42.The government’s attitude ___ the refugees from the neighbouring countries is not really sympathetic.
43.Never give ___, no matter how much difficulty you will encounter.
44.___ this particular reason, I didn’t want to go back there ever again.
45.There is always growing demand ___ alternative medicine.
46.The exact cause ___ violence outbreaks is still unknown.
47.Ann does not object ___ taking out loans in principle.
48.Frozen foods rarely appear ___ the menu in good restaurants.
49.I had some difficulty ___ following the twisting plot of the play.
50.Officially, he’s in charge, but ___ practice she runs the company.
51.The notice said apply ___ the address given above.
52.It is time the government took action to prevent ___ crime.
53.I don’t want to make a mistake and regret ___ it later on.
54.The government cannot provide all young people ___ a well paid job.
55.Are you trying to prevent me ___ speaking at the conference?
56.Though vegetables are generally low ___ calories they are still useful.
57.Each of us washes the dishes ___ turn.
58.I don’t expect any favours from her ___ return
59.I never got an answer ___ my question about payment.
60.Ignoring safety procedures often leads ___ a tragic accident.
Дополнительные упражнения на предлоги и фразовые глаголы.

Ответы к упражнениям на типовые ошибки в ЦТ

1.- 2.- 3.the 4.- 5.the 6.- 7.- 8.- 9.- 10.the 11.the 12.the 13.the 14.a 15.the 16.- 17.- 18.a 19.the 20.the 21.the 22.- 23.a 24.- 25.-
Предлоги и фразовые глаголы:
1.on 2.in 3.to 4.- 5.in/with 6.In 7.on 8.on 9.of 10.of 11.with 12.to 13.to 14.after 15.for 16.of 17.for 18.in,to 19.for 20.for 21.in 22.for 23.for 24.for 25.at 26.on 27.on 28.of/about 29.on 30.under 31.up with 32.to 33.to 34.in 35.of 36.in,to 37.In,of 38.in 39.with 40.about 41.with/among 42.to 43.up 44.For 45.for 46. of 47.to 48.on 49.in/- 50.in 51.to 52.- 53.- 54.with 55.from/- 56.in 57.in 58.in 59.to 60.to