Типичные ошибки на ЦТ по английскому языку

Продолжаем разбор проблемной лексики в централизованном тестировании по английскому языку. Основой является аналитический материал РИКЗ, который публикуется ежегодно и находится в открытом доступе. Первая часть публикации находится здесь. В этой статье пойдет речь об устойчивых словосочетаниях и словообразовании. Часть лексики в этой заметке может быть идентифицирована также как предлоги и фразовые глаголы, но в своих отчетах РИКЗ их публиковал в разделе типовой лексики.

Список типичных ошибок на ЦТ по английскому языку

Устойчивые словосочетания:
a wide range, at least, be the case, be unfamiliar with sth, build up sth, capable of, cause damage, common sense, cross the boundaries, cut down on, do exercise, do harm, do research, feel pressure, give an impression, go online, have a negative impact on sth, have in common, in fact, in mind, in person, in trouble, lose temper, make a film, make a living, make money, make sure, make the most of, make use of, originate in, pay attention to, presented with, prove sb wrong, run out, solve the problem, take advantage, take part, take place.

achievement, addition, adventurous, anonymous, argument, artistic, attraction, awareness, certainty, combination, competitive, competitor, completely, countless, decision, definitely, disastrous, effectively, enable, encourage, endless, founder, impatiently, inconvenience, increasingly, incredibly, innovation, interestingly, irresponsible, justify, likely, luckily, nervous, originally, personality, producer, programmer, publisher, reasonable, recycle, relationship, reliable, replace, researcher, revolutionise, scientific, sensibly, simplified, simply, spacious, strengthen, technological, thoughtful, threaten, unavailable, unaware, uncommon, understandable, unexpected, unexplored, unfair, unforgettable, unfriendly, unimportant, unknown, unlike, unpleasant, unpredictable, unreasonable, unsuitable, unsure, unthinkable, unwilling, valuable, variety, widen
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Упражнение на типовые ошибки с устойчивыми сочетаниями

1.She has too much common ___ to believe his made up explanation.
2.We ran around the gym and ___ stretching exercises as a warm-up.
3.She enjoyed acting but she wasn’t ___ much money.
4.In some companies, workers ___ pressure to work long hours.
5.Those photos ___ a rather misleading impression of what the place was like.
6.Although the technology ___ in the UK, it has been developed in the USA.
7.I can easily prove you ___.Your mistake is obvious.
8.He spent several years doing medical ___.
9.She doesn’t usually ___ part in after class activities.
10.When she’s drunk she’s ___ of saying awful, impolite things.
11.She’s a director who ___ experimental films.
12.___ sure that you follow my instructions carefully.
13.They had relatively nothing in ___ with me.
14.My passport runs ___ next month.I will have to renew it.
15.We ___ use of my car while I was away on business.
16.The pupils behaved so badly that I ___ my temper.
17.He ___ a modest living by painting and acting.
18.I will keep grammar rules in ___ all the way.
19.That sounds quite simple, but in ___ it’s rather difficult.
20.She managed to prove that the opposite was the ___.
21.The story takes ___ in the 16th century.
22.She ___ careful attention to what I was saying.
23.I hope there will be an opportunity to ___ international boundaries.
24.She needs something to ___ up her confidence again.
25.We should ___ the most of this good weather.
26.I can cope with it – at ___, I think so.
27.He helped me when I was in ___ with my boss at work.
28.We sell a ___ range of printers and accessories.
29.The hurricane caused widespread ___ in the affected area.
30.The doctor did tell him to ___ down on chocolate.
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Упражнение на типовые ошибки в словообразовании

1.You’ve to tell a story to seven-year-olds in a way that’s ___ to them. UNDERSTAND
2.The goal of the expedition is to map ___ territory. EXPLORE
3.Don’t drag me into your ___! It’s nothing to do with me. ARGUE
4.___ enough, he never actually said that he was innocent. INTEREST
5.It was ___ of you not to give her a helping hand. FRIEND
6.He was one of the ___ of the university’s medical faculty. FOUND
7.He had an operation last year to ___ a heart artery. WIDE
8.His attempt to play the piano was ___. DISASTER
9.The villagers are furious about the ___ to close the railway station. DECIDE
10.The car was totally ___ for driving over rough ground. SUIT
11.___ it was a living room, but we turned it into a study. ORIGIN
12.My book is being considered by a() ___ at the moment, and things look promising. PUBLISH
13.He has a reputation as a successful film ___. PRODUCE
14.But a review of the ___ experiment does not confirm this point of view. SCIENCE
15.When I was a child, the summers seemed ___. END
16.As for me eating ___ is the biggest challenge of all. SENSE
17.Recent campaigns led to a dramatic increase in ___ of environmental issues. AWARE
18.She quietly took a step buck, ___of his reaction to the latest news. SURE
19.For reasons of personal safety, the informant wishes to remain ___. ANONYM
20.Computerisation should ___ us to cut production costs by half. ABLE
21.How many ___ took part in the race? COMPETE
22.The menu was far more ___ than the one we had last year. ADVENTURE
23.There are scenes in this play which to my mind are ___ violent. INCREDIBLE
24.There are ___ small ski areas dotted about the province. COUNT
25.The house had a(n) ___ kitchen and dining area. SPACE
26.The systems ___ installed the applications I chose on our server. PROGRAM
27.We want to ___ our economic ties with the United States. STRONG
28.The boys are very different, though they both have strong ___ . PERSON
29.It seems ___ to expect one person to do both jobs. REASON
30.Waste is separated into four different bins in order to ___ it. CYCLE
31.You have to put up with these ___ as best you can. CONVENIENT
32.This is a fine book; a worthy ___ to the series. ADD
33.___ put, I am very disappointed with our experiment. SIMPLE
34.I ___ forgot about our prior arrangement and missed the meeting. COMPLETE
35.The symptoms of this illness can be ___ and serious. PLEASE
36.He was totally ___ — you never really knew what he would be like. PREDICT
37.I was rather surprised by his outburst of anger — it’s very ___ him. LIKE
38.We must promote originality, inspire creativity and encourage ___. INNOVATE
39.Many people are ___ of just how much food and drink they consume. AWARE
40.»Is there any chance of a discount price?» «___ not, I’m afraid.» DEFINITE
41.Unable to sleep, he waited ___ for the dawn to arrive. PATIENCE
42.Medical ___ say that the drug is useless. SEARCH
43.His friends are all ___ — they’re painters, musicians and writers. ART
44.We were ___ to learn foreign languages at school. COURAGE
45.Most ___ it will be a woman. Men are not good for this job. LIKE
46.___, education is seen as a right, not a privilege. INCREASE
47.The details are ___. It’s the principle that counts. IMPORTANT
48.A lot of people are ___ to accept radical changes. WILL
49.We live in an era of rapid ___ change. TECHNOLOGY
50.Are you sure that these measures can be ___? JUSTICE
51.He made a brief, ___ appearance at the office. EXPECT
52.It is not ___ for children to choose the same profession as their parents. COMMON
53.She suffered a(n) ___ breakdown in her twenties. NERVE
54.The allegations against me bore no ___ to the facts. RELATE
55.A visit to Morocco is a truly ___ experience. FORGET
56.There was a(n) ___ of foods to choose from at the local cafe. VARY
57.What are the main reasons for the pupils’ low ___ ? ACHIEVE
58.Japan is a highly ___ market system. COMPETE
59.He is away from the office and was ___ for comment. AVAIL
60.There was no ___ explanation for her decision to stop her career. REASON

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Ответы к упражнениям на типовые ошибки в ЦТ

Устойчивые сочетания
1.sense 2.did 3.making 4.feel 5.gave 6.originated 7.wrong 8.research 9.take 10.capable 11.makes 12.Make 13.common 14.out 15.made 16.lost 17.makes/made 18.mind 19.fact 20.case 21.place 22.paid 23.cross 24.build 25.make 26.least 27.trouble 28.wide/broad 29.damage 30.cut
1.understandable 2.unexplored 3.argument 4.Interestingly 5.unfriendly 6.founders 7.widen 8.disastrous 9.decision 10.unsuitable 11.Originally 12.publisher 13.producer 14.scientific 15.endless/unending 16.sensibly 17.awareness 18.unsure 19.anonymous 20.enable 21.competitors 22.adventurous 23.incredibly 24.countless 25.spacious 26.programmer 27.strengthen 28.personalities 29.unreasonable 30.recycle 31.inconveniences 32.addition 33.Simply 34.completely 35.unpleasant 36.unpredictable 37.unlike 38.innovation 39.unaware 40.Definitely 41.impatiently 42.researchers 43.artistic 44.encouraged 45.likely 46.Increasingly 47.unimportant 48.unwilling 49.technological 50.justified 51.unexpected 52.uncommon 53.nervous 54.relationship 55.unforgettable 56.variety 57.achievement 58.competitive 59.unavailable 60.reasonable