Выбор слова-синонима

В контексте размышлений о возможном возврате заданий 5 уровня хочется напомнить еще и о блоке ЦТ, который входил в его состав с самого начала, А46-47. Формально он относился к блоку Чтение, но относительно легко выполнялся и без вдумчивого прочтения предложенных текстов. Как правило, слова которые нужно заменить синонимами были слишком сложны для большинства участников ЦТ. Относительным лайфхаком можно считать следующий способ выполнения данного типа упражнений: если заменяемое слово не известно, то просто выбираем из имеющихся без попытки установить логическое соответствие. В 80% случаев этого достаточно.

Упражнение на поиск слова-синонима

1.Our new logo is part of the process of developing our corporate identity = ___.
1.possibility 2.similarity 3.image
2.It is the biggest problem he has ever faced = ___.
1.avoided 2.experienced 3.ignored
3.Many oil companies benefited = ___ from the rising price of crude oil.
1.escaped 2.refused 3.gained
4.Due to your inaccurate = ___ information, I was late and missed part of the show.
1.untidy 2.unpunctual 3.incorrect
5.Sally had been recovering well from her operation, but yesterday she suffered a setback = ___.
1.complication 2.refusal 3.expectation
6.There are ambitious = ___ plans to improve facilities at the hospital.
1.modest 2.challenging 3.simple
7.Despite his frustrations = ___, he fell in love with the country.
1.disappointments 2.surprises 3.successes
8.They were accompanied by officials to deal with any problems that might crop up = ___.
1.be missing 2.be avoided 3.be found
9.A worldwide hunt has been launched to track down = ___ the bombers.
1.admire 2.appreciate 3.follow
10.He didn’t have the look = ___ of a man who was thinking.
1.stare 2.opinion 3.appearance
11.This has caused us to reassess = ___ the way we approach our planning.
1.reconsider 2.reproduce 3.remember
12.Please, stop fussing = ___ — the food’s cooking and there’s nothing more to do until the guests arrive.
1.worrying 2.wondering 3.complaining
13.Some people seem to think that this defeat is inevitable = ___.
1.unnecessary 2.unavoidable 3.unnatural
14.There was no feedback = ___ from the national media on those issues.
1.response 2.payment 3.choice
15.Why on earth was this considered to be a worthwhile = ___ or valid cause?
1.important 2.expensive 3.meaningless
16.He pointed out = ___ the houses of famous people as we drove by.
1.discovered 2.made clear 3.directed
17.Several successive dry winters had made water shortages inevitable = ___.
1.unavoidable 2.unreasonable 3.unknown
18.Test results provoked = ___ worries that the reactor could overheat.
1.stimulated 2.prevented 3.insisted
19.His research was of great value = ___ to doctors working with the disease.
1.waste 2.expense 3.significance
20.New ideas may be more of a hindrance = ___ than an asset.
1.entertainment 2.complication 3.shock
21.Your insurance claim will take about a month to process = ___.
1.complete 2.forget 3.think sth over
22.But they could also be set apart by their highly distinctive = ___ style.
1.unique 2.common 3.clear
23.He has abandoned = ___ his dream of returning to Italy.
1.gave up 2.continued 3.discussed
24.The car she bought was pretty basic = ___ — she didn’t want one with a lot of gadgets.
1.important 2.simple 3.advanced
25.His office is full of the latest and most sophisticated = ___ computer equipment.
1.complicated 2.misleading 3.famous
26.I recognise = ___ that we should have acted earlier.
1.respect 2.admit 3.deny
27.Blacks were segregated = ___ from whites in every area of life.
1.separated 2.united 3.shared
28.My piano playing has improved significantly = ___ since I found a new teacher.
1.considerably 2.slightly 3.fortunately
29.At last month’s meeting, attendance was poor = ___.
1.needy 2.unfortunate 3.bad
30.Are the employers really willing to negotiate = ___?
1.argue 2.avoid 3.manage
31.He ran down the street, hotly pursued = ___ by two police officers.
1.watched 2.rejected 3.followed
32.»As I recall = ___,» he said with some irritation, «you still owe me some money.»
1.remember 2.name 3.imagine
33.I like the house but I’m not sold on = ___ the area.
1.earn 2.lose 3.approve
34.She prefers to distance = ___ herself from the people who are working for her.
1.separate 2.distract 3.prevent
35.Public financing for sports stadiums has become commonplace = ___.
1.unacceptable 2.normal 3.extravagant
36.A woman driven = ___ by jealousy is capable of anything.
1.caused 2.replaced 3.prevented
37.Her delicate = ___ fingers moved gracefully over the guitar strings.
1.polite 2.shy 3.thin
38.He’s now well enough to walk unaided = ___.
1.by himself 2.by hand 3.helplessly
39.She unwillingly admitted = ___ that the diamonds were not real.
1.agreed 2.argued 3.denied
40.The demonstration reportedly drew = ___ crowds of 400 000.
1.carried 2.attracted 3.limited
41.The parade captured = ___ the spirit of the Canadian west.
1.possessed 2.took 3.hid
42.It’s still a silly idea to put off = ___ doing something until a future time.
1.do sth later 2.give sth up 3.fight for survival
43.At the given signal, the group rushed = ___ forward to the barrier.
1.hurried 2.ordered 3.drew
44.Take the machine apart and get an insight = ___ into how it works.
1.understanding 2.memory 3.solution
45.People were very poor then, by today’s standards = ___ compared with people today.
1.requirements 2.payments 3.rules
46.Nobody would back her up in her argument = ___ with the boss.
1.quarrel 2.proof 3.reason
47.It requires much more, but motivating people is most essential = ___.
1.crucial 2.needless 3.optional
48.Thanks to the computer, my father has finally got over = ___ his technology allergy.
1.gave up 2.climbed up 3.overcame
49.There may be a rational, down-to-earth = ___ explanation but I’m still in doubt.
1.indifferent 2.realistic 3.romantic
50.I have an unfortunate knack = ___ for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.
1.reason 2.aim 3.gift

Ответы к упражнению

1.3 2.2 3.3 4.3 5.1 6.2 7.1 8.3 9.3 10.3 11.1 12.1 13.2 14.1 15.1 16.3 17.1 18.1 19.3 20.2 21.1 22.1 23.1 24.2 25.1 26.2 27.1 28.1 29.3 30.1 31.3 32.1 33.3 34.1 35.2 36.1 37.3 38.1 39.1 40.2 41.1 42.1 43.1 44.1 45.1 46.1 47.1 48.3 49.2 50.3