Закрепляем модальные глаголы для ЦТ и ЦЭ по английскому

Предлагаемое упражнение является подготовительным по теме модальные глаголы для ЦТ и ЦЭ по английскому языку. Напрямую эта тема не проверяется, но в разделе чтение важным может оказаться любая грамматическая конструкция. Не забываем, что отличительной чертой статей по грамматике, в рамках данной серии, является тот факт, что на фоне грамматики перед нами мелькают лексические единицы, которые будут важны для своих блоков.

Упражнение на употребление модальных глаголов в рамках подготовки к ЦТ и ЦЭ

1.We______see the center of the square from our balcony.
are able * can * must * might
2.______ you speak any foreign languages? It’s of importance if you want to make a career in our profession.
could * can * must * might
3.I am afraid I______come to the party next week.I have already made a prior appointment.
could not * can’t * must not * might not
4.When we went to the forest, we______smell burning.I am afraid of forest fires.
could * can * were able to * might
5.She spoke in a very low voice, but I______make out what she was saying.
could * can * must * might
6.I do not know when they will come here.They______arrive at any time.
could * can * must * might
7.I was so exhausted.I______sleep for a rather long period of time.
could * can * must * might
8.We______have gone away if we had enough money to spend on our journey.
could * can * must * might
9.You have been working had all day long.You______be tired.
could * must to * must * might
10.They have not lived here long enough.They______know many people.
could * should * can’t * might
11.The phone rang but I did not pick it up.I______have been asleep.
could * may * must * might
12.She passed him without saying a word.She______have noticed him..
could not * can’t * should * might not
13.- Why did not your sister answer the phone? — She______have fallen asleep.
can * should * must * mightn’t
14.- Why did Sarah miss meeting? — She______have been aware of it.
should not * should * must * might not
15.What time are you leaving for Minsk? — Well, I am ready, so I______go now.
could as well * can as well * must as well * might as well
16.She is a very sympathetic person.You______talk to her.
can * are able * must * have
17.I have not phoned Marry for ages.I______give her a call tonight.
could * can * must * have
18.He can’t go for a walk with us this evening.He______to work.
could * has * must * might
19.I______get up early tomorrow, because my bus leaves at 7:30.
need * have to * must * might
20.We do not have any time to waste.We______hurry.
should to * have * must * might to
21.When we are in the library, we______not bother the rest.
could * can * must * might
22.You can accompany me if you like but you______come if you do not want.
could not * do not have to * must not * might
23.She has been preparing hard for the entrance exams, so she______pass them.
could * should * must * might
24.They had a great party last night.You______have come.
could * should * must * might
25.Jim______speak three foreign languages.
can * may * must * has to
26.You______work hard at your French, if you want to improve it.
may * must * should * are to
27.Mary______be in the entrance hall.It is her voice.
must * should * have to * need
28.Everyone______obey laws especially if they are in a foreign country.
should * may * must * can
29.Nataly______have gone to bed earlier last night.She is very tired today.
should * could * have to * must
30.You______worry about the press conference any more.I’ll take care of it.
don’t need to * do need to * needn’t to * need to
31.You______see a doctor.
You don’t look healthy * need * should * have * may to
32.She has passed the exam with flying colours.She______all last night.
can study * may have studied * must have studied * could have studied
33.The boss said that I______be at work at eight o’clock.
had to * ought * can * will be able to
34.Mary______close the window; it is getting unpleasantly cold.
had better to * would better * had better * should to
35.Children______play football in the streets.
must not * have to * don’t need * are to
36.______use the phone, please? It is of great importance.
Must I * Have I to * May I * Am I to
37.Olga missed the film first night yesterday, because she______work late.
had to * can * could * may
38.Nick______drive without headlights, it is forbidden.
mustn’t * have to * shouldn’t * need to
39.It is only ten a.m.She______at college now.
must be * should have been * could be * have be
40.Mary______pass the math exam yesterday, because she was down with the flu.
could * mustn’t * didn’t have to * wasn’t able to
41.Misha______go to the Braslav Lakes this spring.
may * might to * will to * is
42.It is early spring now.Everybody______consume more fruit and vegetables.
should * shall * can * may
43.This baby______walk in a few weeks.His state of health is good.
will be able to * will can * can * need
44.Anna______worry, because this voyage isn’t risky at all.The sea is usually calm in summer.
needn’t to * don’t need * not need * needn’t
45.You______go to university today, it is Sunday.
don’t have to * have to * should * needn’t to
46.John______Mary last night, she was sleeping.
shouldn’t have called * should have called * must to call * can’t to call
47.Everything is white and neat.It______last night.
must snow * should have snowed * must have snowed * must have been snowed
48.Nikita didn’t do his homework, he______it.
can have done * should have done * need have done * ought have done
49.I’d better go to the circus,______?
hadn’t I * wouldn’t I * didn’t I * had I
50.My eyesight is getting worse and worse.Next year, I am afraid, I______read without glasses.
can’t * may not * could not * will not be able to
51.Police and firefighters ______work during festive periods in many countries.
must * could * might * should
52.______you______get up early to meet the delegation at the seaport?
Did, have to * Had, to * Have, had to * Must, have to
53.Teenagers who commit serious crimes______be treated as adults and deserve a harsh punishment.
would * ought * should * have
54.The Parlament and the House of Representatives______approve a bill to turn it into a law.
had to * should * was to * must
55.When Leonid was 14, he______run 100 metres under 10 seconds.
must * could * can * could have
56.Janet and Tom did not want to come with us at first but in the end we______talk them into it.
were able to * should * might * could have
57.The soccer match was cancelled last week.Craig______anyway because he was ill.
must not play * could not have played * should not play * can’t play
58.You have got enough free time.You______hurry.
must not * should not * need not * may not
59.According to the contract, the goods______at the warehouse at the end of the following week.
will arrive * are to arrive * should arrive * could arrive
60.The watchdog started to bark loudly, it______traces.
can have found * may have found * must find * may find

Ответы к упражнению на употребление модальных глаголов

1.can 2.can 3.can’t 4.could 5.could 6.might 7.could 8.could 9.must 10.can’t 11.must 12.might not 13.must 14.might not 15.might as well 16.must 17.must 18.has 19.have to 20.must 21.must 22.do not have to 23.must 24.should 25.can 26.should 27.must 28.must 29.should 30.don’t need to 31.should 32.must have studied 33.had to 34.had better 35.must not 36.May I 37.had to 38.mustn’t 39.must be 40.wasn’t able to 41.may 42.should 43.will be able to 44.needn’t 45.don’t have to 46.shouldn’t have called 47.must have snowed 48.should have done 49.hadn’t I 50.will not be able to 51.must 52.Did, have to 53.should 54.must 55.could 56.were able to 57.could not have played 58.need not 59.are to arrive 60.may have found

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