Закрепляем времена глаголов для ЦТ и ЦЭ по английскому

Предлагаемое упражнение является подготовительным по теме времена глаголов для ЦТ и ЦЭ по английскому языку. В текстовом формате данного задания нужно предлагаемые глаголы поставить в правильную форму самостоятельно. В интерактивном варианте задание представляет собой тест с вариантами ответов.

Упражнение на употребление видовременных форм глаголов в рамках подготовки к ЦТ и ЦЭ

1.Don’t worry! The patient ______ better. GET
2.Last night I ______ home at 10.I ______ supper and then ______ to bed. COME, HAVE, GO
3.The hard work ______ on the state of his health. TELL
4.He ______ up the house for an hour before I appeared. DO
5.Turning from the Castle gate as soon as I ______ the warning, I ______ my way to Maple Street, and then ______ to the Main Garden. NOTICE, MAKE, DRIVE
6.Our new neighbours ______ in Australia for ten years before moving in their present house. LIVE
7.How long ______ he ______ his friend? KNOW
8.When Ann turned up at their house, the Johnsons ______ dinner, but stopped so as to talk to her. HAVE
9.At first I thought I ______ the right thing, but I soon understood that I ______ a serious mistake. DO, MAKE
10.Doctor Smith ______ people for heart trouble. TREAT
11.We entered the house by a side door and the first thing I ______ was that the passages ______ all dark, and that she ______ a candle burning there. NOTICE, BE, LEAVE
12.I ______ here my entire life. LIVE
13.His friend ______ two English articles into Hebrew. TRANSLATE
14.In recent years, rapid scientific development alone significantly ______ human life on our planet. CHANGE
15.She ______ at the parcel long enough, before she ______ that it was her brother’s. LOOK, UNDERSTAND
16.This time next week he ______ in Lake Naroch. SWIM
17.I was deeply upset because I ______ and missed the train. OVERSLEEP
18. ______ you ______ many cities when you were in Russia. VISIT
19.This was his first night in his own flat. He ______ his whole life in his parents’ home. LIVE
20.I think it ______ a difficult game. The other team is good at football too. BE
21.Although that period ______ in Italy in the fourteenth century, the original idea was typical of other epochs in human history as well. BEGIN
22.I wish he ______ last Friday but his flight ______ owing to unfavourable weather conditions. If he ______ the following day I would have given him a car ride. ARRIVE, CANCEL, CALL
23.We ______ their family for long. KNOW
24.Mike is a beggar now but he ______ always ______ poor. BE
25.The ferry ______ for the island on Friday. LEAVE
26.In I936 the British Broadcasting Corporation ______ to provide a public radio service. Since then the BBC ______ by the establishment of radio and television, which ______ its monopoly. ESTABLISH, INFLUENCE, REMOVE
27.I didn’t know his name. But I was quite certain I ______ him before. SEE
28.When you ______ in Moscow again, you must pay us a visit. BE
29.She ______ her work already. DO
30.Peter ______ up making video clips as a hobby. TAKE
31.We ______ to the top of the mountain before I ______ that he was exhausted. GET,KNOW
32.We ______ it for half an hour when the teacher gave it a stop. DISCUSS
33.The tourist knew there was a lake because they ______ it earlier in the day. SEE
34.To cater for the recent fitness boom numerous private health and fitness clubs ______ during the past 15 years. BE
35.Don’t worry if I ______ late tonight. BE
36.What time ______ your relation ______ tomorrow? ARRIVE
37.I ______ to the news on television at 8 o’clock that night. LISTEN
38.What time ______ it ______ ? HAPPEN
39.Tomorrow at five he ______ baseball. PLAY
40.I feel unwell. I think I ______ to be sick. GO
41.When ______ he ______ his hair cut? GET
42.This dictionary ______ much and is very valuable to me. COST
43.What ______ you ______ at this time yesterday? DO
44.My close friends usually ______ four days a week, and this week they ______ five days. WORK
45.I ______ these sentences for two hours. WRITE
46.The first modern Olympics ______ place in Greece more than a hundred years ago. TAKE
47.Despite the fact that it ______ all day long, the match ______ and the stands were full of spectators. RAIN, CANCEL
48._____he already ______ the ecologist by that time? SEE
49.She ______ her test by four o’clock. PASS
50.Sasha has lost her air pods again, it is the fifth time this year _____ . HAPPEN
51.I’m going to read a lot of books on grammar while I ______ on holiday. BE
52.Water ______ at 100 degrees. BOIL
53.It’s ten o’clock. The pupils ______ a lesson. HAVE
54.I hope Jack is coming soon. I ______ for two hours. WAIT
55.Greg ______ ill twice so far this year. BE
56._____ you ______ Peter? — I ______ him yesterday. SEE, SEE
57.While he ______ rugby, he ______ his arm. PLAY, HURT
58.I ______ when my friend ______ . SLEEP, CALL
59.The man sitting next to me on the plane was nervous because he ______ before. FLY
60.When I got home I was thirsty. I ______ anything to drink all day. HAVE NOT
61.When I ______ it ______ yesterday. WAKE UP, RAIN
62.She left for the East and I ______ her since. SEE
63.I ______ always ______ if the service is not good enough in restaurants. COMPLAIN
64.The juice in this jar ______ good. TASTE
65.Before we ______ from swimming on the lake, someone ______ our clothes, and we had to do without them. RETURN, STEAL
66.He ______ for Vitebsk by last night. LEAVE
67.Towards the end of the previous century the larger companies ______ more and more on mass advertising. The market during that period ______ by a small number of giant enterprises. RELY, CONTROL
68.Jane is studying medicine at university, and so ______ her younger brother. BE
69.While he ______ a booklet, she ______ a video on youtube. READ, WATCH
70.I ______ a very difficult day tomorrow. I need to prepare for my next exam. HAVE

Ответы к упражнению на употребление времен глаголов

1.is getting 2.came, had, went 3.is telling 4.had been doing 5.had noticed, made, drove 6.had been living 7.has known 8.were having 9.had done, had made 10.treats 11.noticed, were, had left 12.have lived 13.has translated 14.has significantly changed 15.had been looking, understood 16.’II be swimming 17.had overslept 18.did visit 19.had lived 20.will be 21.began 22.had arrived, was cancelled, had called 23.have known 24.hasn’t been 25.leaves 26.was established, has been influenced, removed 27.had seen 28.are 29.has finished 30.has taken 31.had got, knew 32.had been discussing 33.had seen 34.have been built 35.am 36.will be arriving 37.was listening 38.did happen 39.II be playing 40.am going 41.did get 42.cost(s) 43.were doing 44.work, are working 45.’ve been writing 46.took 47.had been raining, was not cancelled 48.had seen 49.had passed 50.has happened 51.am 52.boils 53.are having 54.have been waiting 55.has been 56.have seen, saw 57.was playing, hurt 58.was sleeping, called 59.had not flown 60.hadn’t had 61.woke up, was raining 62.haven’t seen 63.complain 64.tastes 65.returned, had stolen 66.had left 67.were relying, was controlled 68.is 69.was reading, was watching 70.am having

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